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  1. What are your thoughts regarding the workflow and any (if at all) specific LUTs used on this documentary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPloUxLWfB8 To me it looks like RAW footage shot on a EOS or RED, converted into Rec709 with some kind of brilliant finishing LUT to seal the deal. However, this is just an assumption based on previous experience.
  2. Simple really, the sensor and the RED “look” you get compared to the Pocket. Creators will pay $4k more.
  3. That's a great observation, it does make more sense as a dispensable piece of equipment. I have a different theory however, and I'll make it short as to not stray off topic. The Komodo has an SDI output, can support V-mount, shoots 120fps at 2k resolution and has in camera proxies. It meets all the minimum requirements of an A camera. This is a just theory, but it looks like RED sees more potential revenue in the independent creator market than the professional cinema trade, and they may take their future line of products in the direction of the Youtuber/independent content maker. Creators always looks for a way to step up their content and this has no doubt caused a rush among the people who can afford one. The independent market is growing rapidly and already may well be more attractive to tech manufacturers, even just comparing the amount of equipment sold (to rental houses vs creators who prefer to use their own tech). We are in the middle of a big shift in the entertainment industry and big tech giants may just be able to see farther into the coming future.
  4. Hi folks, if you could sign this petition it would make my day and I’m sure many others would feel the same. Let’s get ProRes Raw into Resolve and put an end to these silly corporate wars. Cheers! http://chng.it/CQgmzCHY4v
  5. Really only one question.. What’s the catch? Why has RED gifted us this run’n gun option? Why does red still sell the more expensive Monstro, Gemini and Dragon cameras? Why do DP's continueusing their more expensive cameras if the Komodo has the same great sensor, high data rates and 16 stops of latitude? Can a few extra SDI outputs really be worth that much? What do you guys think?
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