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  1. It was still helpful info to consider for future projects! AFAIK the filmschool had the DIT station's Silverstack licensed and that's what I was given, I couldn't afford to license it myself that's for sure 🙂
  2. @Davo McConville Thanks a lot for the advice, I'm currently halfway through the project and have been cascade copying onto Lacie drives with Silverstack since I had no other choice to adapt to the production's budget and try to keep offloads from slowing it down. I've been made aware of the first copy's potential to corrupt the rest of drives by other DITs but unfortunately any faster alternative was not possible and I was told my only alternative was to trust the verifications at that point. I never heard of Hedge but Silverstack has been my go to whenever I've done any offloads/transcodes because of the ease of use once set up and the daily reports I can generate with it but I'm curious to try it out sometime!
  3. thanks @aapo lettinen! Yeah we're shooting normal amounts of material, we don't go over 600GB day. Would running a RAID0 configuration and cascade copying (with a xxHash verified first copy) in silverstack be a good, time-efficient procedure? backing up directly from cards when possible.
  4. Hi, I've been asked to help out as a DIT for an upcoming student short film, although I'll be mostly just offloading and transcoding files I've tried to investigate since this will be my second time doing it and I'd love to speed things up a bit from last time. I'm given a macbook pro (2017/2018) to work with but have recently gotten access to a Stardom DR5-WBS3 which I think may help. Here's the two main issues I'm running into: - No dedicated DIT software, I'm offloading with Davinci's Clone Tool which keeps me from doing anything during offloads. I'm trying to fix this by getting Silverstack installed on the machine. - I back up everything to lacie rugged disks, they run quite slow and average 70-80MB/s transfer speeds, I need to backup 2-3 drives per card and tend to always make backups from the card which makes freeing them take much longer. My questions are: - will building something like a RAID 0 or RAID10 on the Stardom connected through a USB3.0 protocol be faster than the lacie rugged (also connected through USB3.0 protocol)? - Is cascade copying a good option to free card faster? and, in a worst case scenario, is it possible to do without Silverstack? I'm still unsure if the Stardom DR5-WBS3 is going to be that much of an upgrade, but I believe Silverstack might be. Any other recommendations would be appreciated since I have very little experience in the field but would love to make my job and the camera department's job as easy as possible!
  5. I thought I'd give my two cents. If you have a chance try to learn the ins and outs of the dolly, it will definitely help you set up shots much quicker. Try and ask the rental house if you could spend a day setting it up and trying things out on a day where they're not busy. Communicate with the 1AC and grips if you have any configuration needs, as an AC it's great to have the operator come towards the end of your camera check to make any final adjustments! Bet this has been shared here before but this is a great resource for handheld operating: It ain't much but I hope this helps, good luck shooting!
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