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  1. Feels naive to ask this because a part of me already knows the answer. Maybe i'm just looking for validity and it's a Friday night with "curfew" so what the hell... There is no one set path, I get it. As someone who decided NOT to attend film school, (No support, no capital, mostly afraid to take debt) aspiring to become a DP seems rather daunting. Having appreciated the few opportunities through friends/connections, working mainly as a 1st/2nd AC, my ego is constantly telling me "...poop man, this DP could be me". I know, it's a shitty selfish way to think because all set experience is still experience—but I can't help it to see how it's not building my reel at the current moment. Call it stubborn. So my question is for someone who is rather green but has the technical understanding of the lighting/shooting, should one just go out and shoot as much as possible of just random poop, Effectively getting your reps in? Or should it be more structured to have an idea first (ie. narrative doc, spec-type) and executing on that? Further, are we just wearing the many different hats of being a director, producer, gaffer in the early stages in our career? Or is it imperative to delegate to those who have a better understanding of such roles? Thanks
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