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  1. Duncan great suggestion! I've tried the various positions and the speed knob. Still nothing. I do notice that if you adjust the frame rate while on battery test the voltmeter registers a change but if memory serves this is normal. Not sure how I can advance the mechanism internally but I'm going to look into it now. I have wondered if the issue is simply the main switch is bad or isn't making contact as I have read about this but I do not know how to test this. It could certainly be something more complex.
  2. I have a Beaulieu R16 with a recelled 1000mAh battery. With the battery screwed in the onboard voltmeter shows the battery fully charged but when I switch to drive mode the motor does not function. This camera has worked fine in the past (though has not been used in maybe a decade) and having checked the battery + power grip with multimeter everything appears to be fine so I"m pretty sure the issue is not on the power supply side. It's looking like the issue is on switch or circuit end of things. I am looking for advice on the best procedure to locate the problem and troubleshoot in the least
  3. Hi Jeremiah, I have an R16 with Angenieux 12-120 and recelled battery if you are still interested.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to be shooting a test reel for a new (old) Bolex H16 with Kodak 7222 B&W stock. What is the best way to design a camera test to fill the 100 ft reel? This is for a project that will be both Int/Ext and contain daytime as well as night material. I"m hoping to test both the camera function (registration, speed, exposure levels with various lenses) as well as the latitude of the 7222. Mostly plan on using Angenieux 12-120 supplemented by the standard Switar 25mm lens. Though I've shot with the Bolex before this is first with this camera as I used to working with an Arr
  5. Hi Brendan! I'm def interested in the 16 S and NPR. How much are you looking for them? Thanks!
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