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  1. Hey everyone, I’m shootings a film that has a ton of night sequences on city streets with little light. I saw Black Swan bts where their gaffer was using what looked like a handheld battery powered China ball. Could someone offer any advice on where to buy one of these and/or how to build one? thanks! best, ryan
  2. @Satsuki Murashigeamazing! And yes, I definitely want a bit of that Videodrome/ body horror aspect to it. This is super helpful. Thank you so much!!!
  3. Hello, I’m shooting a film on S16 500T and I’d like some advice on how to capture an effect like this in color. In my version, someone is pulling a piece of cassette tape from a black hole on someone’s stomach. My first though was to get the desired shot of the stomach and have the actor reach in as though the hole is there and then, using the same framing and the same lens, have a bit of black liquid with cassette tape in it, have the actor reach their hand in and pull it out. Then in post, combine the images. Let me know if that’s ridiculous and what will work best! - Ryan
  4. Hey Justin, I’m interested in the lens set. Could you email me at ryanjamessloan@gmail.com. Thanks! best, ryan
  5. Hey Marco, If these are still available, could you email me price and pics? ryanjamessloan@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. Hey @Marcel Zyskind, thanks for the swift reply. I have no idea why I didn’t check there first. They do indeed have them and I also found a spot called New York City Camera rentals who had a set! thanks again!
  7. Hey Cinematography family, I’m prepping for my first feature film on an S16 Arri SRII in April and I really want to shoot on some Ultra 16 primes. I love how sharp the lenses are. I’m curious if anyone knows anyone to rent them off of in the NYC/ NJ area. I’ve searched multiple rental houses but no luck. If I can’t end up finding the Ultra 16s, what would be the difference shooting on S35 Ultra primes? Will they be any less sharp? And what would be the widest I can go before having any framing issues? Thanks! Ryan
  8. @Robin Phillipswould you mind DMing me Paul’s email address as well? I have an SRII and I wanted to update the viewing screen to have the 2.39:1 markings. Thanks!
  9. Ultra 16 primes. Sharpest lenses out there. If anyone is selling them, please let me know 🖤
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