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  1. Hey Everyone, I have been really digging in and attempting to perfect an on set viewing LUT. I know there are many theories behind this, and that most just view the standard arri rec.709 LUT on set. I have found this LUT to be somewhat limiting and am looking for something different. I have read that many people consider the standard Alexa LUT too flat, which can lead to improper lighting when judging ratios and gradient via an on set monitor. Thus many people prefer a higher contrast lut for their base LUT. My question is: does this all refer to the rec.709 LUT with the Alexa ? If you do use a higher contrast LUT on set how did you go about making this LUT? How much contrast did you add? Did you crush the blacks and maintain the highlights or apply a general s curve to increase contrast? Obviously working with a color scientist would be ideal in creating this, but I am hoping to expand my knowledge personally this this area and any guidance would be helpful. Thanks.
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