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  1. Hello everyone! The most anticipated release of the past two years is finally out: meet Dehancer for Final Cut Pro! It took us a bit longer than we expected, but trust us, it’s so worth it. Let your inner artist experiment with 60+ film profiles, Halation, Bloom, Grain and other analog tools. Create unique film looks and forget the rules. Download and get 2-week FREE trial: https://www.dehancer.com/store/video/final_cut
  2. Hello guys, Our beta test for Final Cut Pro is finally out! We welcome you to join the Beta test: https://blog.dehancer.com/dehancer-for-final-cut-pro-beta/
  3. Hi everyone, Dehancer Benchmark 5.3.1 is available for download on our website • Updated core: Dehancer Engine v5.3 • Grain Film Type and Grain Generator options • Results Export (File → Export to File) • Command line interface for third-party applications Download for free: https://blog.dehancer.com/dehancer-benchmark/
  4. Hello everyone! While Dehancer is rather an intuitive tool, sometimes the questions we receive from our users aren’t limited to the F.A.Q. section, and need a more in-depth explanation. This is why we decided to create a new section on our website where you’ll discover Dehancer from A to Z: • Installation & Set-Up guides • Manuals • System requirements and F.A.Q. • Technology behind Dehancer tools and how to use them • DaVinci workflow • Photo editing tips & tricks • Beta testing updates Visit www.dehancer.com/help to check it out!
  5. Hello guys, We have made significant changes to the Film Grain tool: The dependence of the optical resolution on the resolution of the timeline has been fixed. Now with a timeline size less than 4K the image no longer has a blurry look, and the maximum value of Film Resolution = 100 provides full detail of the source footage. The distortion, which could slightly change the scale of the image and cause it to shift by a few pixels, has been fixed. Added Negative / Positive processing mode switch. Negative: An improved grain algorithm. The grain is more pronounced in the highlights and the image has a slightly higher microcontrast, which is more typical for negative films. Positive: This old algorithm, slightly improved, reproduces a softer grain, which is less pronounced in the highlights and more typical for reversible positive films. A new grain type and the corresponding Analogue / Digital mode switch has been added. Analogue: The ‘legacy’ type of grain. Requires more processing power. Digital (Experimental): Additional (new) type of high performance simplified grain. It can be useful for dithering tasks (for example, to eliminate the posterization of 8-bit videos from drones), as well as for low-resolution projects, rendering for Youtube, etc. Compatibility of the plugin settings with different Dehancer OFX versions: Starting from version 5.3, the default setting is Negative mode. To get the grain look as close as possible to older versions of the plugin (4.0 – 5.2), use Positive mode in combination with your existing grain settings. This is a free update for the license owners. Download and get 2-week FREE trial: www.dehancer.com
  6. Hello everyone, New Dehancer 5.2.0 update is out! What's new: OFX performance improvements Memory optimizations New Options group New Quality selector (Normal – Fast / High – Slow) Target White in Print section fixes OFX Overlay Vignette Interaction fixed New Bloom default parameters This is a free update for the license owners. Download and get 2-week FREE trial: https://www.dehancer.com/#download
  7. Hello Jon, Speed can be affected by many other factors. You can learn more in our dedicated article: https://blog.dehancer.com/articles/what-dehancer-perfomance-depends-on/
  8. Hello everyone, Dehancer OFX 5.1.0 is finally here with performance breakthrough: * Up to 2× FPS with several GPUs, incl. new Apple Silicons * Memory optimizations for Metal and CUDA * Ported to CUDA 11 with various architectures supported: Pascal, Volta, Pascal, Turing, Ampere, etc * OFX interactions optimized * Minor fixes This is a free update for the license owners. Download and get 2-week FREE trial: https://www.dehancer.com/#download
  9. Hello everyone, Check out our new test! Check the article about this test and download source files and grade in our blog: https://blog.dehancer.com/articles/dehancer-vs-16-mm-film/ Test shots of the same scene captured with 4 different cameras: * ARRIFLEX 416 Plus with Kodak Vision 3 500T 7219 16 mm * BlackMagic Pocket 6k (Film Log with Gen5 Color) * Red Epic (IPP2) * Kinefinity Mavo LF (CinemaDNG) Film developed in MOSFILM film laboratory (https://en.mosfilm.ru/dept/filmlab/), scanned to Cineon Film Log and graded in Dehancer with Kodak Vision Color Print Film 2383 profile. Digital footages graded in Dehancer using Kodak Vision 3 500T film profile and Kodak Vision Color Print Film 2383 profile. Lenses used: * Ultra Prime for Arriflex * DZOfilm pictor zoom for digital cameras
  10. Hello everyone, We are glad to announce our NEW plug-in: Dehancer Film 1.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom Classic For macOS only at the moment. Our team would like to offer a free 2-week trial for anyone who is curious to try. Head over to our website to get yours: https://www.dehancer.com/store/pslr You can learn more about the installation of this plug-in in our dedicated article: https://blog.dehancer.com/articles/dehancer-film-plugin-for-adobe-photoshop-and-lightroom-classic-installation/
  11. Good day everyone, Dehancer 5.0.0 update is finally out!What's new in DEHANCER PRO DEHANCER PHOTO EDITION:*Print profiles with Target White setting*Kodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profile*Kodak Professional Endura Glossy Color paper profile*Cineon Film Log support*DVR WG source input*Source white balance (Temperature and Tint compensation)*OptimizationsWhat's new in DEHANCER LITE:*Source white balance (Temperature and Tint compensation)*OptimizationsYou can install new version together with existing versions.This is a free update for Dehancer plugin owners.Download & Get FREE Trial:https://www.dehancer.com/#downloadBuy license:https://www.dehancer.com/store
  12. Dear Jon, Thanks for sharing! We're happy to hear you're enjoying this new feature and Dehancer plugin 😉
  13. Hello Jon, Thank you for your kind words! Our team is constantly working on adding new features, so stay tuned 😉
  14. Hello everyone, We're glad to announce that the beta test for Dehancer Pro 5.0.0 is open! Dehancer Pro 5.0.0 Beta 7 Print profiles with Target White setting Kodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profile Kodak Professional Endura Glossy Color paper profile Cineon Film Log support DVR WG/Rec.709 source input Source white balance (Temperature and Tint compensation) Optimizations You can install beta in parallel with existing versions. More information here: https://blog.dehancer.com/beta-testing/ Beta available for Mac and Windows Cuda at the moment.
  15. Dear Heikki, Sorry for the late response! We're working on that, but cannot give you the exact release dates, as for now 20.04 is the priority.
  16. Hello everyone, We released a new update - Dehancer. 4.2.1 What's new: Now compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17.3 Fixed Lut Generator behavior with Camera Source Profile database updated Optimisations for MacOS and Windows NOTE: Please download and update profiles after installation (Download button will appear inside the plugin). Download: https://www.dehancer.com/#download
  17. Meet Fujifilm Instax film profiles in Dehancer! Two versions are included: Fujifilm Instax Fujifilm Instax (Digital Intermediate) The first profile reproduces Instax colors naturally (by means of Dehancer unique film sampling technology). The second profile represents Fujifilm Instax color in ‘hybrid‘ process, where the scanned print is additionally edited with black and white levels correction. Just push ‘Update’ button in your Dehancer plugin. Download plugins or buy license: www.dehancer.com
  18. Good day everyone, New update for Dehancer is out. What's new? OpenCL support for Windows / AMD CUDA performance greatly optimised (20-30% faster now) ACES Flase Colors bugfixes for macOS & Windows Fixed Total Impact behavior in Gate Weave tool for macOS & Windows (now Impact reduces motion amplitude instead of ‘opacity’ in this tool) Other bugfixes for macOS & Windows Optimizations for macOS & Windows This is a free upgrade for all Dehancer license owners. If you are not Dehancer license owner yet, you can buy license on our website.
  19. Hello! There's already a beta-test available for Linux. However, only for Ubuntu 20.04 You can learn more about it here: https://blog.dehancer.com/beta-testing/
  20. Cold and hot, light and dark, sweet and bitter - are some of the fundamental contrasts in our life. And it's our job to adjust them and somehow find the balance to avoid feeling overwhelmed and miss out on the details. Same in the photography or filmmaking. With the only difference - we call it shadows and highlights clipping. Dehancer was designed to gently treat an image and has a set of tools that can help you soften and make it more harmonious. However, there're cases when it becomes more challenging. To learn more read our latest blog article "How to manage image contrast and avoid clipping": https://blog.dehancer.com/articles/how-to-manage-image-contrast-and-avoid-clipping/
  21. Beyond the visible and creative. That's how we would describe Dehancer False Colors plugin for DaVinci Resolve that you can get for FREE! Here’s why False Colors is a cool tool: Great instrument for technical image control; Emphasises some details that otherwise aren't visible to a human eye; Can help to examine and adjust the exposure; Especially useful in filmmaking; Reveals invisible patterns; Useful for adjusting skin tone exposure. To download the plugin, go to our website to the “Download & Buy” section: https://www.dehancer.com/store Already included in Dehancer Pro toolset.
  22. Hello guys, Just wanted to let you know that new update is available on Dehancer. Dehancer 4.1.0: Fixed issues with Windows accounts containing non-latin characters Fixed hardware uid activation error Numerous optimisations for better performance and lower memory consumption Attention: After this update your license will be re-activated automatically. In case of any errors please contact Dehancer support via mail@dehancer.com
  23. Hello guys, We're happy to introduce our new BW film profile: Kodak Plus-X Pan 125 (Exp. 1979) It's our 60th film profile! Film profiles are heart and soul of Dehancer. The crowd of films is enormous. We are constantly working on new profiles and exploring exotic processes to deliver you the best analogue experience. Just push ‘Update’ button in your Dehancer plugin.
  24. Hello everyone, Our team would like to offer a free 2-week trial for anyone who is curious to try. Head over to our website www.dehancer.com to get yours. Compatible with macOS and Windows with DaVinci Resolve 16 and 17
  25. Hello everyone! Great news - Windows release is officially here! •New engine runs on Apple Metal and Nvidia CUDA (AMD support will be provided later) •Halation and Bloom are totally redesigned for a more realistic effect and allow better control and additional settings •False Colors output filter for visual quality control is released as a separate FREE plugin You can download updated plugins at www.dehancer.com Previously purchased licenses are valid for activation on Windows. Enjoy!
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