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    camera BOLEX EL, projectors Eiki, Hokushin, B&H
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    Experimental films on 16mm for art installations and expanded cinema performances.
    Homemade musical circuits and modified 16mm film projector.
    Multiple exposures, macro shots, computer controlled interval timers.
    Tech for installing 16mm film loopers and slide projectors at museums, 16mm projectionist for events

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  1. good idea! That's how I worked with a microscope and 35mm SLR once. Though I don't know if this is possible on the Bolex EL. Can't find that setting.
  2. I'd love to read any documentation on how to connect my Bolex EL 16mm camera to a Honeywell Repronar or Bowens Illumitran slide copy systems. I have an animation stand, and can use other bellows etc for macro, so those parts of the Illumitran or Repronar I don't need. The main thing is how to trigger a flash on those slide copy systems when a single frame is made on the Bolex EL. If easier I can also use a Bolex H16 RX for this.
  3. Switar 1:1,4 - 25mm H16 RW Yvar 1:2,8 - 75mm AR Switar 1:1,8 - 16mm H16 RX My 25mm has a little bump in the outer ring, so might be hard to screw an existing hood on.
  4. ps: I'd rather have a fitting flexible hood then a 3D printed one as 3D prints I can do are mostly reflective and so stiff they will fall off of not fit on if a little too big or small.
  5. Can anyone suggest a type of tubes or other material to make hoods for my C-mount lenses? I'm thinking of black, opaque, non-reflective, flexible rubber tubing that would slide over the front of the C-mount lens. My lenses are 3,3mm 3,4mm and 3,5mm wide. Any help where to look and what stuff to use is welcome.
  6. Hi Dom, thanks for the info. Is there a list of repair specialists somewhere on this forum?
  7. I've just read on and electronics forum that relays can also "stick" electronically. Yesterday it was the first time I used an interval timer with this specific camera. So the camera received around 700 trigger pulses over 90 minutes, each time asking for the starting load of 4 amps. Could this have burned out the relais? And could this be causing the behavior described in my post above?
  8. It would be great if someone over here has a Bolex EL repair manual for me.
  9. This is my first post on this wonderful forum. I've learned a lot here already the last months. Today, and after months of normal operation, my Bolex EL keeps on filming after I release the the release knob. When the button is pressed, the camera starts filming as usual, but when released, the camera often keeps on running. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes longer. This happens with the release knob, but also when the camera is triggered via the remote control socket. So I'm afraid it's not just the knob being stuck mechanically. The problem happens at
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