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  1. Dear friends, I am searching for a shims set for my Cooke 20-100, T3.1 Varotal Zoom lens. Any ideas where I can find one? 🙂 Yours, D.C
  2. Hi, I have a Denz VCSC digital 2000 that I would like to use with an Arriflex SR2 (I posted another topic). Unfortunately I don't get a signal from the BNC. Do I need to covert the signal somehow? I have a BNC to HDMI converter, but it didn't work either.. Yours, Deniz
  3. Hi, I got a booklet from Denz. Obviously this video assist was designed for the SR3, but I have the SR2. The top flange is different but the hole for the video assist is the same. Does anyone remember anyone who used a SR3 video assist for a SR2? 🙂 I think it can't be very hard to modify the video assist's mounting part, which is designed as a kind of top handle grip. I think it should be possible to screw a few new holes and mount it on top of the camera.. does anyone have experience with that? Anyone of the old school? 🙂 yours, Deniz
  4. Hi there, I got a Denz VCSC digital 2000 video assist that I would love to use with my Arriflex SR2. The Arriflex has a mount for a Denz Video assist, but it seems to me that it was a different model, because the mount on the camera is round and the one of the video assist is square.. I attached a few fotos, does anyone have an idea how I can solve this problem? 🙂🙂🙂
  5. Thank you all for your answers. The previous owner of my SR2 told me that he used the (normal) SR2 mags for shooting S16 without any modifications and never had any problems.. What is your opinion about that? 🙂
  6. Okay, I see.. But why are there different shaped chrome rectangles on the magazines? I have one mag that was used for S16 and one that was used for 16mm and they look like that.. (picture attached) For me it seemed to be 4:3 and S16 shaped rectangles.. 🙂
  7. Hi Dom, I wish you a happy 2021! Thanks for your message. That is what I meant: Looks like it isn't 4:3 but s16. I will study your link too. Yours, D.C.
  8. 🙂 And it should be unscrewed clockwise, shouldn't it? Thank you for your help! Yours, D.C.
  9. You mean A in the picture attached, don't you? Do I need any special tool to open it? Yours, D
  10. Hi Dom, Thanks for the quick response. How can I open the lock ring of the diopter? I don't want to break anything.. :) Yours, D.C.
  11. Hi, Thank you for all the answers of my last topic. Now I have a question regarding the viewfinder of my SR2. There are some dirty spots in the frame when I look through it. The lens is clean so it must be the viewfinder. How can I clean it? Can I open / unscrew it from the body? Any recommendations? 🙂 Thanks for reading, D.C.
  12. Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your answers. I know some people who used their SR2 mags only with the new pressure S16 plates. Do you think that's very risky? Does anyone have experience with that? Yours, D
  13. Hi there, I am new here, hello! 🙂My first question is about an Arriflex SR2 mag I just bought. I have a SR2 that was moified for S16 long time ago. Now I would like to know what modification I would need to do to use a normal SR mag with my camera. Is it only the pressure plate or are there any other modifications that I need to go through? I read somewhere that the tunnels must be widened but I dont really see why because the material is the same, isn't it? 🙂 Yours, D.C.
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