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  1. Hey Everyone, I want to shoot a car scene in a morning mood with fogged windows. My problem: the shooting will take place in portugal where it's too hot for natural fogged windows right away. Is there some kind of trick to archive this effect on set in a kind of controlled way? An example is attached to this.. thank ya'll !
  2. It would be a retransfer to digital afterwards.
  3. Hey Everyone, for my next movie i'm considering to print my digital Footage on Film once it's through the edit. Does someone has experience with the process and may have some results to share? Shooting on film in the first place is not in the budget unfortunately, but to get close to the look we want to try this out. We're shooting on the Alexa Mini. I would be very happy for your thoughts, Best Regards, Luca
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a Snorricam Rig to buy. The payload would be between 3-4 Kg. Has someone some experience to share on this and recommend something? Thank you and best regards! Luca
  5. Hey Guys, i'm looking for a state of the art 4K HDR reference monitor. I've looked a bit into the Sony BVM-HX310, but maybe some of you have a better option or a comparable device? I'm thankful for every hint.
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