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  1. This is a plate that can let arriflex 22C to use rods on a handheld mod
  2. yes, but I didn't find a place on the base I have that can stored a gear, maybe I didn't look close eoungh?
  3. hello everyone, I recently get a arriflex 2C with a flat base, turn out it don't have the gear on the camera to let it use the motor grip on a handheld configuration, where I can get that motor gear? or maybe I can 3D print one? that little gear on the base of the camera
  4. Het, is this a super 35 gate?
  5. Yeah... making a motor power K-3 sound too much lol, make the hand crank more comfortable to use is pretty much all I want, the K-3 hand crank just bad, wish it has a bolex hand crank.
  6. I will love to have a crystal sync motor for the K-3, K-3 is a lovely camera but unlike bolex, the hand crank on the K-3 just to much for me to crank, a hand crank mod or a motor mod will make this camera so much batter!
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