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  1. Thanks Jim for your reply & the photos. As a temporary solution I found an electrician who made a 12V to 4 pin XLR set up for me, but it was very basic and not all weather (which is a problem in Scotland). It worked fine and it's a useful back up. But... I ended up buying a (admittedly luxurious) battery belt that can work with my Arri 435 and 2c from Hawk Woods here in the UK. Here's what I got - in particular it was really amazing to find a belt which would power BOTH 12V and 26V so I can use the same system with different cameras. Hawk-Woods ( RP-B1 ) Reel-Power 26.0V Battery Belt — 26V 3-pin XLR & 12V Power-Con Hawk-Woods ( RP-M90 ) Reel-Power mini 26v 90Wh Battery Hawk-Woods ( PC-5R ) Power-Con 2-pin Plug (male) — XLR 4-pin right-angeld (female), 50cm length I already have a 3 pin XLR cord for my 435, This was exciting to find as it accommodates both systems, I bought it from CVP.com I've not used it with the 435 yet but am working on a project with the 2c now and the cord is a bit longer because of the adaptor but otherwise I love it. I still needed extra holes in the belt but it wasn't as loose as usual! (no, I'm not getting wider...). It was expensive, but I reasoned I'd not need a new system for quite a while. Here are some photos, thanks for yours In filming I've been setting the variable speed motor near to 9, checking it's speed is 24 fps and shooting. But listening whilst filming handheld I do think the speed might be slightly inconsistent. Do you find that your motor fluctuates at all?
  2. Hi! This is just a general plea for advice from anyone who's shot on 35mm from a small aircraft. I'm set to film clouds and an urban landscape (Glasgow from above) also take-off and landing later this week (weather permitting). I'll be shooting on an Arri 2c and Kodak 5203 stock with Schneider Xenon primes, as well as a Cooke Speed Panchro Series III 18mm lens. And 1600 ft of stock for 1 hour flight. Anything to look out for? It's a Piper 3 seater aircraft - I can sit in the front or back... Will have an assistant to help with changing mags and possibly film if better positioned. Thanks , Margaret
  3. Many thanks Satsuki! I was given a flat base for the 2c but haven't attempted it yet - the filmmaker who passed it on to me had forgotten how it worked and I've yet to find a guide video or manual (or had much time to search..). I was hesitant to use the flat base for the work with the monopod as I was hoping for a quick change-over from pure handheld. I'm filming in people's homes with one assistant, multiple locations in a day and schlepping all the kit is also, well, you know. But the base could be the solution and will force me to engage with it! I'm using a set of Schneider Xenon primes, a light battery belt, but with 400ft mag's - it should be ok with the Gitzo's payload, as you say, and should be more balanced. I'll report back on how it goes... I have a Scoopic too - great camera 🙂
  4. Thanks Daniel! I tried one borrowed from a friend since posting and it would be ideal for just that extra bit of stability... except the power cable blocks the base. I can probably source something to adapt it, I'll post if I do. I used a monopod with a Bolex for a shoot in a remote forrest a couple years ago and it was very useful - though a tripod is a better option.
  5. Hi, I'm considering buying a monopod for working with the 2c... is this nuts? It seems there's a Gitzo, the GM4562 Series 4, which may be able to cope with the weight. I've been working with the original shoulder mount (more like a brace...) and finding it's not enough for long days of handheld. I'm aware of options for tripods, I have a flat base (which might be working...), but need to be light and fast for this production. Has anyone tried working with a monopod with this model? Thanks! Margaret
  6. Thanks for this too - I know some rental houses in London have been modifying their systems to HD now that 35mm is back in fashion. I can't image it's cheap, certainly not from what you report! Then again, I rarely shoot with a monitor when working on my own projects, so the thought of lightening the camera for handheld work and removing the IVS entirely is very tempting (and slightly nuts, I know!).
  7. Thanks Tyler, I really appreciate your effort, though I'm sorry to hear the bad news! But it could explain why there are quite a few 4 perf 435's coming up (and not the 3 perf!). The price was really decent, so I'll survive, just need to find a 1000 ft magazine now and be more discerning when I film 🙂 On the other hand... it's Interesting to hear that there was a 2 perf modification for the 435. I was speaking with a technician yesterday who said that the 2C had Arri conversion kits from 4 to 2 perf. I suppose this is not so far off from Super 16mm, kind of defeats the point of 35mm, but I have a 2C and am tempted to investigate. Thanks again from Scotland!
  8. Thanks for the contact - I'll get in touch. They might have more info on the conversion too.
  9. Thanks Tyler, I'll get in touch with AM to find out, I'm glad to know of them now. The camera just arrived from LA... sigh. From what's been written, it seems not easy, but not impossible; the analog way? I'm still hopeful. Any additional info you find is much appreciated.
  10. Thanks Dom, disappointing to hear but I'll keep looking - will try Arri and rental house contacts to see if anyone emerges up to the task. I'd assumed the 3 perf I shot on before was a conversion, should have investigated! Out of interest - and forgive my complete ignorance here - can the IVS be converted to HD? On the other hand... could I remove the IVS entirely and lighten the camera? How difficult is this to do?
  11. Oh that's painful news... I bought this basic set up at a very good price, was hoping to convert it for obvious reasons! I have a 2C 4 perf. I'm looking to find some accessories for it - in particular I need a bridge plate. Is there any source that you know of besides eBay and BB List for Arri gear?
  12. Thanks Uli, I did find a post saying it is very difficult if not impossible to do (today) but already have the camera! I swear I shot on a 435 that was 3 perf from Movietech a while back. Any thoughts on someone to service it?
  13. Hi, can any one in the UK recommend a good engineer to convert my Arri 435 from 4 to 3 perf? I'm in Scotland but can ship South 🙂 Thanks
  14. Hi I'm looking to buy/source a portable battery for use with an Arri 2C Variable Speed motor. I've got a power cable to 4 pin XLR. Anyone know someplace in the UK I can find the right battery (quickly!) and possibly get it placed into something workable for filming handheld? (battery belt) Thanks!
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