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  1. Hi , yes, Martin, I’m familiar with the most of the wealth of info you have provided. The film made for Fairchild I believe was Ansco, and it was lousy. Naturally it was great when Kodak started making the film. They have held up well vs Ansco and even the b/w Superior , both very grainy etc. I didn’t have my Fairchild projector all that long , and sold it a few years later, never had to take it apart 🤓 ! I was in the USN, did take the camera on 1 cruise (1967)to the Orient during the Nam era and later moving around , eventually I bought a used Kodak pageant sound 8 , and it is
  2. Hi. Rob here, back when I was turning 19, in 1964 I wanted a new 8mm movie camera. I had worn out my wind up silent one making a goofy syfy movie with friends and Brothers over a summer. (actually tried to put sound from a tape recorder on film afterwards as Kodak came out with magnetic stripe service. They pushed a 8mm sound projector that could record sound on that mag stripe (1/16th of an in) great for travel films etc.. Also Universal and other film companies with big libraries, made "headline" (short 12 or so min 8mm movies in sound) that were sold in film and dept stores or by mail.
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