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  1. Yea I have all my paperwork and emails. It bums me out so bad because I don't want the guy to loose his job at Spectra Film and Video or just fall off the face of the earth, but damn man. My 814XLS took me YEARS to get...then i drop it off for a tune up and patiently wait 1.5 years later...and I sound like I'm crazy... I swear this guy is going to disappear and 1 year after there's going to be a giant release of cameras by someone who happened upon the vault and we'll all be screwed.
  2. Welp. My wedding was in October 2014. Camera is still missing now, Jan 2015. After months of trying to get in contact with him I got him on the phone. We agreed I would send him a prepaid shipping label and he would send the camera back. Not serviced, just return it. I sent him the label same day. That was in November. The last response I got from him was I asked if he had shipped it and he responded, "yes". The shipping label was never used according to UPS tracking. I sent a final letter via registered mail asking him to return my camera or pay for a replacement. I wil
  3. Just wanted to drop in, been off the forum for years, but this has my attention. I dropped off my Canon 814XLS before Thanksgiving of last year of 2013. Every few months I've emailed for an update and have been told it's the next one on the bench. Fingers crossed. I understand time and am in no hurry. I honestly was more getting it set up for my wedding in October of this year. Good thing i dropped it off a year in advance. :P Will update when I get it back.
  4. Holy Crap. I saw this today and thought I would bump this post... Full Arri S kit ready to roll with lenses and a bunch of others..... $400 obo http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pho/3001803214.html I think 16mm might officially be dead.
  5. Started this auction last night. 2 X 16mm Core Adapters from an Arriflex Rig. Starting at 99 Cents, NO RESERVE Cheap Cores
  6. Like I said man, I'm not trying to be a jerk. This isn't new news. I didn't blow your cover on a cinematography forum that watches prices on cameras like a hawk. If you actually want to sell something be realistic.
  7. Not trying to be an el jerko but that's super steep. I sold my arri package ready to shoot very similar to yours 6 months ago for $800 usd. and it sat on the market for months....literally months. 16mm especially std 16 prices are dead in the water. Here's one in LA for $500 usd or $300GBP. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sgv/pho/2276259510.html Just sayin. food for thought. Edit- Killer surf video man! You shoot the 8mm with a Eumig?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go4aSkd7af8 5Dmkii 24-70L
  9. I've seen these little pocket viewers for regular 8mm, but wondered if they ever made them for super8? It would be an awesome little coffee table toy to have your latest vacation on. Anyone have any info?
  10. I checked out the site and looks pretty cool. I have a canon 814XLS. Are you saying that this control box is 79 Euros and does everything that this one does? http://www.webtfg.com/sync8.htm Which one would I need for my camera?
  11. Good replys gentlemen. It was just so shocking to me that it feels like it happened over night. I swear that in 1 year prices have dropped like 40% especially in higher end cameras. When I was trying to Sell my Arri S package for $1,000 this guy posted a 35mm Arri 2C for $900. That's when my jaw started dropping.
  12. I haven't heard very many people talk about it, but jesus, 16mm camera prices has plummeted in that last year. I've collected over 10 16mm cameras over the last 6 years and just sold my last one. From K3's to bolex's, scoopics and arris. I just sold my full Arri S package to a guy in TX who's never going to use it. It's going to be used at a prop for his shoots. 3 years ago Arri S's were going on ebay for $1500 or more. I tried to Sell it in LA and SF for over 6 months. Started a 1250, downed to 1000, then down to 800. At $800 it still took 3 weeks. Lenses, mags, cases, 1000f
  13. Alright, so some bills popped up this weekend and I need to move this camera. I've had tons of interest but tons of craigslist flakes. First person with $800 cash gets it. I bought this camera a few years back and it has never let me down. This is everything you need to shoot your movie! I’ll even throw in 560 feet of film! (15 Minutes) -Fresh & Expired Film (Re-cans + Short Ends) -Perfect to shoot a Spec/Music video/Short Film! What’s included in the package. Arriflex 16mm S Camera body -The camera has also been modified for modern 4-Pin XLR power. It doesn’t have the old
  14. I'm going to shoot a little test roll with my new 814 XLS! Woohoo! I might as well not waste the roll, so I figured I would shoot an little piece edited in camera and get it transferred at pro8mm, just down the street from my house. The final product will go up on Vimeo. The camera doesn't have a wide gate and I see no reason for 16x9 because 1) it's super8 and 2) it's a test. So, if I'm going 4x3 is it worth even going for the HD Transfer. It's only $20 more, but then I have bars, which I guess I would have on vimeo anyways. Also, I'm going to do sound in FCP. So, my bra
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