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  1. Understood. Thanks for that. I'm considering what's the least motion blur, at the slowest frame rate possible. So with the math in mind, 8 fps / 45 = 1/64th looks to be where I need to be. Experimenting.
  2. Along the same inquiry, what would the effect be shooting a 5fps at 45° shutter? How significantly would motion blur be reduced?
  3. Thanks for that overview. Really nice film and great looking, absolutely. Finding a Canon is definitely the direction I'm leaning. I know it well. And then the thought occurs to me to just supplement it with a newer S35 lens for more reach if needed. Thanks again.
  4. I'm in the process researching lens options for an SR3 I recently purchased and thought I would reach out for some guidance. My first impulse was to look for a Canon 8-64, as I'm familiar with it and it has always been a workhorse for me. I've just posted in search of a 6.6 x 66 Canon actually. But with the emergence of several Super35 short/wide-angle zooms I've been considering this as a possibility to cover the longer end of the focal length. So for example, up for consideration is the Tokina 11-20, or the Sigma 18-36, or the DZOFilm. There are other possibilities no doubt. These new lenses seem fairly lightweight, well made, and compact, qualities that appeal to me as a one man show, so to speak. I'd then supplement with wider lenses, 9.5mm or 12mm...TBD. But I'm wondering what I might expect in terms of the differences in the optics of these newer lenses, generally, compared to the optics of those famous Canon lenses, and slapped onto an SR. Will I see that they are sharper, even as Super35 lenses on Super 16? More contrasty? Obviously I'm aware of the differences related to formats i.e. field of view, crop factor. And I have to admit I'm interested in trying these new lenses, just to get away from a "look" that I'm already so familiar with. I want to lean towards sharpness, and draw less attention to soft retro old school, if possible. Any insight appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Researching zoom lens options and availability. Thank you.
  6. Camera found and purchased. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. I'll keep this in mind as I continue searching.
  8. I'm an educator/filmmaker in search of a well maintained/serviced SR2 or SR3 to purchase, for an upcoming teaching project. Ideally the kit would include: - a couple of mags - 2 batteries + charger - 1:78 GG - PL Mount - ext. viewfinder - CE speed controller preferred for SR2 - couple of mags - lightweight rods - right hand grip - no video assist - case Researching zoom lens options as well. Thank you.
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