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  1. I agree with Jon, just a very large, soft source to camera right. It doesn't really look like any fill was added, just let the key source bounce around naturally.
  2. I never would have thought of some of the stuff posted. In a pinch I've used a silver flexfill being shaken and kind of bumped with my knee in the middle. Worked really well for a CU by a pool.
  3. My (small) production company that I Co-own is looking into buying a new MiniDV camera to do weddings and the like. Now, for the time being the budget pretty much is around $2500 max. I have been looking at a GL2 because I curently own a Canon. Would this be a good purchase for Weddings and small production jobs or would I be better off getting something like a Optura Xi (or two) and saving up for a better camera? I am not held down to any brand, I just have heard many good things about the GL2 but alsoalot of people saying "save up for something else" Alladvice is appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  4. My company got a job to do a video and we need a Lavalier mike to achieve what we are going for. I was thinking wireless so no chance of a cable in the shot or stepping on the cable. Money is kind of tight (Only getting $1000 for the video which is divided between the two employees). Will this work well? Oh, it has to be outputted into 1/8" because we only have an Optura Xi. Thanks, Jack
  5. If those two programs are your only options, I would say it depends on your machine. If you already own a decent enough Mac, get FCP if you own a decent enough PC then go with Premiere. If you are going to buy a new computer, then I would reccomend Premiere just because you can then run Premiere, Vegas or Avid if you ever so choose.
  6. But does it play Mp3s? I don't want it unless it does
  7. I co-own a media production company in a small southern town actually (East TN) and for four hours plus editing charge, I would probably charge anywhere from 800 - 1100 but, I own my equipment so add whatever your amount is on top (or subtract about 100 or so and then add your amount to it). And honestly, we are the cheapest outfit in town, our only competitors are not very good and charge exhorbant rates. So, if you are the only option, sometimes you can charge a good deal more for it.
  8. Umm, well if u are seriously looking into "getting into" editing then start BASIC and build up. You have to crawl to walk and it seems like you are trying to run. Do you know how to use these programs? If not then you need to start with one editing program (Avid, Premiere or Vegas would be good) learn it and learn how you want to build off of these. But, if you still want something that is a sort of "do-it-all" get adobe Video Collection Pro and learn, learn learn. At least, this is my take on the situation
  9. I already have access to Lowell Tota, Omni, and prolight along with barndoors for each an umbrella and stands along with some filters (Not sure what kind, they mimic sunlight). The hardest part I really have is getting people to be patient while I am trying to perfect everything. Most people just do not understand
  10. well, let me put it this way, I have no clue where to start. What am asking is this (sorry if I was unclear) What is the first step? Do I need to buy books or just experiement?
  11. I am a complete newb to shooting video. I have a Canon Optura 20 MiniDV camera and unlimited access to an Optura Xi, Davis and Sanford tripod w/ a fluid head also, I am fairly expierienced with Premiere. I really need help on knowing what all I need to do and buy to furthur my cinematography hopes and dreams. I am currently a senior in Highschool and looking to go to FSU's Film School. All help and advice is appreciated.
  12. I shot this in MiniDV in color. I am a student (Highschool) doing this for school and have no money to spend on it. To make the deadline, I simply put it in B&W and then put on an edge feather. Yes, it was shot in the style of the old "Happy go lucky" silent movies-you know, the ones with all the over exaggeration etc. Even though the project is over, I would still like to know how to achieve this effect for future projects
  13. I am using Premiere pro and aftereffects and cannot seem to achieve the look of the old silent films. I am copying this style and need the aged look. Has anyone done this before or know how?
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