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  1. What economy are you referring to? Is this meant to sound favorable or unfavorable? The supply chain is problematic worldwide right now. If Kodak has any dependency on shipping of materials, they like many manufacturers right now aren't going to be able to keep product on hand. This is a completely unrelated product but serves as an example of the kind of things companies are running up against: https://emulsive.org/articles/news/announcement-kodak-supply-chain-issues-require-a-temporary-change-to-all-35mm-canisters-effective-immediately We also don't know how much Kodak actually intends to manufacture. Just because demand may be higher doesn't necessarily mean production is trying to meet that (even if it could). Behind the scenes other factors like cost of goods (margin) etc can play a role and we'd never know. Shipping costs are eating away at margin for many. Cost for moving a 40 foot shipping container is 4x what is was last year. And then there are the logistics - all the green dots offshore are ships just waiting. All speculation...but it's really rough out there right now.
  2. Forgive the off topic question...but is that The Racetrack in Death Valley? 🙂 Beautiful camera in a beautiful place.
  3. Dom, Well that answers that. Makes sense and I appreciate your help. -- Raaf
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend a source for an adapter to allow for mounting of M lenses to Bolex C mount? Bonus question - does anyone have any experience shooting with M lenses on Bolex? Any other considerations? I have a few of these and would like to leverage them if possible. Thank you, Raaf
  5. Kevin, The shots look good for available light - what lens/aperture did you use? -- Raaf
  6. Rick, Rather than confusing you in my own words, this article explains it nicely ==> https://noamkroll.com/super-16mm-vs-ultra-16mm-why-im-converting-my-arri-sr-ii-to-ultra/ Hope that helps. -- Raaf
  7. Thank you sir! I'm going to shoot some film with it, confirm the results, and based on that send it out for full servicing. ...and potentially upgrade to Super 16 at the same time. Dom - your insight has been invaluable.
  8. Dom, Thank you very much. I wasn't getting that the ground glass was on TOP of the prism. I've repeatedly read this, but kept interpreting this as one side or the other, not the actual top. Duh. So now I've correctly identified the ground glass and cleaned it. That made a huge difference and all but cleaned up the smaller debris. Leaving only...the larger dark spots show here: One thing to note is that when I ever so slightly move my head to left and right I can see these obstructions moving left to right in FRONT of the rest image in the viewfinder as if they are much nearer. So even though these obstructions don't move when I turn the diopter, does this mean these are most likely in the viewfinder? I'd love to get rid of these but if I knew they weren't going to appear on film I'd just hold my nose and call it "character." Just trying to get everything solid before I put my first roll through. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Ok, while the arrow is now gone I am still seeing some debris/obstructions in the viewfinder that does not appear to be on the prism. The debris does not move or spin when adjusting the diopter. Do you think this will show up on film? I am fine if it's just in the viewfinder.
  10. Nevermind. I figured it out. I was seeing the variable shutter warning indicator.
  11. Hi, I just acquired a Bolex H16 Rex 4. When I look through the viewfinder I see some noticeable debris in the middle and one large upward pointing arrow shape in the lower left corner - it covers about 20% of the height of the view. I tried pointing towards light and swinging the prism out to see if this was on the prism alone. It's not, I can see the shape already in place as the prism comes back into view - so it's not on the prism. Does this mean the obstruction or debris will affect shooting? I fear it will since it's independent of the prism. Thank you! Raaf
  12. Friends, I am in the process of finding and acquiring a Bolex H16 (probably Rex 4 or 5) and wanted to ask the community which vendors are most recommended to perform Super 16 conversions. I understand the list of capable vendors may be shortening so I thought I'd pose the question. Thank you for any insight you can provide. -- Raaf
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