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  1. hello friends! i have one question to ask you, why tungsten or halogen have a superior quality of light compared to hmi,? due to the spectrum and color rendition ? or for the simple 3200k cool temperature that result beautiful on the skin tone? compared to hmi on the same film stock at 5500 K ?? do you seen any difference? thanks
  2. hello friends i m shooting a small noir sketch with interior shot with tungsten and exterior shot under a beech wood....generally which are the most common filter used for b&w cinematography?? (in particular for portraiture and interior) many thanks
  3. hello friends i have bought 14x15 inch chinese lanter....500w photofloods are too hot?? thanks
  4. hello people i d like to see a small high quality reel to see how the double x 7222 is good for my taste.. do you have any link? i have shooted orwo 16 mm n74 and seems to bit grainy....
  5. Yes, doing any prints is also quite unusual for a music video. Do you realize what doing this will cost above and beyond what a big-budget video these days normally gets? this is a my personal project that will be projected in some theater here in rome (experimental). yes it is very unusual for a commercial music video......but it isn't.. yes i have a budget for a simple 5 minutes print , i think that is no problem...
  6. hello people suggest me the right chain! i m shooting a music video on 16 mm with vision 200T i ' d like to achieve this look: hight contrast,grainy,texture enhanced,and a bit desaturated look...i d like to print for a future projection... i m thinking to : expose to 200 asa and 1.5 stop push with bleach bypass positive expose to 400 asa and 1.5 stop push with bleach bypass positive the push processing should compensate the desaturation level after the bleach bypass (less effect)?? thanks
  7. hello friends could you suggest me a spotmeter between this two??? the pentax seems to be small but i don t think have the led ring illuminated... help me
  8. hello people have you ever used this film stock??? i d like to use it for interior shot... thanks
  9. hello people please could you tell me which lenses have used kaminski to shot minority report and saving private ryan?? cooke and zeiss??? thanks
  10. hello people have you ever tried to apply a net on the filter holder of the bolex??? it could works??? thanks
  11. hello friend could you explain me the difference between these two nets??? what is the best??? thanks
  12. hello people what do you think about this film ?? i have bought 120 meter for my 16mm short... could you suggest me some tip and tricks?? thanks
  13. hello friend could you tell me how achieve the same look of interior shot ??? there s some ASC article? or gordon willis interview? thanks
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