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  1. Thanks! Interesting, though it’s a shame that these extra shims are missing.. Any idea on if they’re easy to find? And do you know where I could find instructions on how to “shim” the adapter?
  2. I have been using this lens for years and it produces wonderful images. https://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/50mm-f12.htm
  3. Hello. I'm about to take the jump to buy Schneider Full Frame cine lenses with a PL mount and to begin with we will be operating them with a Sony A7Siii. I was wondering if anyone could give me an advice on which PL to Sony adaptor to get? And more importantly, do I need to tweak something for focus accuracy and what is the procedure? Thanks
  4. Thank you Mark! I’m glad I was able to post here on cinematography.com, very helpful and enlightening! I hear you, PL-mount it’s going to be! Just need to find that one “simple adapter” like you said Mark. (If there is one more worth than another please let me know:)) And sorry for my ignorance, but when you speak of CA, are you speaking of chromatic aberrations visible in flares? And it’s a good suggestion to call Schneider up directly to check up on spare parts 😉 Thanks again!
  5. Thanks again Phil! Yes, the DZOFilm stuff did catch my attention, but I saw a comparison with Sigma cine glass and they seemed significantly less sharp. But the price tag is very appealing and you're right I don't need to impress anyone with a name! If anyone has any suggestions about what is the best mount configuration in my case I'm all ears. Which mount adaptor to use with PL lenses to fit a sony e-mount camera?
  6. Thank you Phil for takinu the time to answer. I will be using these lenses on more personal shootings that are less budget oriented and that often expand over a long period and that don't allow for renting equipment. So I'm basically looking for durable and good built piece of lenses. You mentioned Zeiss could be my best bet, but like I said I started off looking into the CP2s but it seems to me that I would be paying even more for them second hand than I would be paying for the Schneiders brand new. Now, I'm no lens geek, but I'm afraid that old glass is less reliable than new one. What's your take on that? Also, would you pick up the lenses with a PL-mount instead of an E-mount? The idea here of course being that these lenses are going to outlive my camera and they will still be around after I change out my camera. But still, a PL-mount adapter on the Sony might be very bulky given that these kind of lenses are already quite bulky for such a small camera. Thanks again for pitching in! PS. And yes, I'd read somewhere about them original 35mm being somewhat less good than the rest of the lot. If I end up buying rpthese lenses, I will try to make sure they are recently manufactured. Thanks!
  7. Hello. I’m about to abandon my old Nikon photographic lenses I’ve been using for my video productions for quite a while and buy a set of prime cine lenses. I started off looking into entry level lenses as Rokinon/Samyang/Xeen, Meike and DZOFilm and I wasn’t so convinced by some of the reviews. So, this brought me to looking into the more reputed lense makers but there weren’t many within my price limit. I had set my maximum price limit at 2.500 euros per lens and that left me almost with no choice. I’ve been mainly searching for used Zeiss CP2s but they are hard to find and usually go for more than 2.500. Then I was also afraid of buying used glass with the investment being that great (relative to my means of course). But then I stumbled upon new Schneider Xenon lenses at just around 2.500 euros per lens! I have been looking all over for some honest thoughts on these lenses but they seem to be somehow rare even if they were first released almost ten years ago (at a much higher price tag back then it seems). It feels as if they are not so much used in the industry and that alone makes you wonder. They are somewhere in between the entry level cine glass and the much more pricy industry standard lenses and one might think they should be appreciated as such. I’d like to hear any thoughts on these lenses if there is somebody out there ready to give his or her opinion. And maybe there is a lens option I’m missing out and that’s within my price limits. My present camera is a Sony A7Siii and that’s another question, if I should get a lens with the Sony E-mount or if I should get it with a PL mount for sturdiness or a Canon mount for greater compatibility? Thanks.
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