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  1. This is still available. The camera is in excellent condition and has been fully serviced by Arri this year. Price is now £14,000 all in.
  2. Still for sale! Happy to let people come to the studio and view if London based.
  3. Bump - this is still for sale for anyone interested. Available for anyone to look at in person in London. Recently serviced by Arri (with certificate).
  4. I'm selling a used Arri Amira with just 1300 hours. Fully serviced by Arri UK in February 2022 with certificate: Arri Amira (Serial K1.71700.0-16428). PL Mount, Premium License incl. 4k UHD + 200fpsHD 2 x 128gb CFast 2.0 Cards 2 x 256gb CFast 2.0 Cards Media Case Spare Mini HDMI Viewfinder Cable USB3 + USB-C Card Readers Rolling Custom Peli Case Full arri service + certificate (issued on 18th Feb. 2022). COST: £15,000 The Amira was purchased for a project this year that fell through - hence why i'm selling it. Based in London. Price excludes VAT.
  5. Located in London, UK. Looking to buy the Flanders Scientific DM250.
  6. Hi Rick What the price of the Venice and Amira packages?
  7. I feel like an idiot - I just screwed it some more and it tightened. It must have been really loose. I had previously been turning it clockwise and it wasn't tightening - I guess i didn't go far enough.
  8. Just checked now, it's the whole filter that moves around. I can't see where I would tighten the screws for the filter though.
  9. Thanks for the responses. Here are a few of photo's of the lens. One shows the front of the lens and the other two shows the top with me moving the lens protector around with my finger. https://ibb.co/RNzmGC9 https://ibb.co/VxmkGwK https://ibb.co/Sm8Wk2Z Where would I locate the lock ring?
  10. Just to clarify - It's actually the protective filter that I'm referring to. That filter rotates around (is loose). Not sure if its supposed to be in a fixed position or not.
  11. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a used Cabrio 19-90 (v2) from a reputable dealer. All seems to be in good working order. However, when doing some light cleaning on the front lens I noticed a slight 'wobble'.. as in the glass could be moved around. Is this normal? This is my first serious lens (previously been shooting on stills lenses) so not sure whether I should be sending this back to get looked at/repaired.
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