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  1. Daniel, Looks great. Cinematography looks freaking nice and crispy.
  2. Update: our shoot date for the interview has changed to 1/25.
  3. Hi-- We're looking for a gaffer and sound mixer for a documentary-style interview shoot in the Washington DC area. Shooting January 24. We'll also be looking to rent a very small lighting package (we've been using litepanels for the other interviews in the project). The soundman should have his/her own gear. Please let us know via email if you're interested, or have any questions: molly(at)lyonassoc.com Thanks-- Mark Lyon www.lyonassoc.com
  4. I'm selling my Alan Gordon Director's viewfinder. It's in great shape, and includes the case and wide-angle lens attachment. I'm asking $200, but you have to pay shipping. This would cost $700 at B&H: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1953...Viewfinder.html Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions. --Mark Lyon
  5. It would be nice to sell it a little quicker ;-) Reduced to $1250. Thanks-- Mark
  6. I'm selling my Letus Elite. As-new condition (used on two jobs, and unfortunately must part with it). Nikon mount. This is the version with back-focus adjustment. Includes achromat and threading for use with Sony EX1. Also includes short Zacuto rods and brackets for use with 15mm rods. Nice solid rig in perfect condition. More information here: http://store.zacuto.com/letus35-elite-with...adjustment.html Asking $1650. Let me know if you have any questions-- Mark
  7. Great question, Tim. I'm not personally familiar with the Cookes, but I've done a number of projects where we intercut shots from the Optex with various generations of Zeiss SuperSpeeds. They were all for video transfer, so this isn't as exacting as it would have to be for photochemical finishing, but the color and sharpness seemed to match the zeiss lenses really well, but I think the Optex might be a touch warmer. You can see a few examples of shots with that lens on our website. The shots are pretty easy to spot--they're the really wide-angle perspectives. It does cover Super16 just fine, and offers a really beautiful wide angle perspective with minimal distortion (for a 5.5mm). http://www.mightymaxfilms.com/item.php?ite...llection_id=001 http://www.mightymaxfilms.com/item.php?ite...llection_id=001 Talk to you soon--
  8. Sorry, Adrian--I've been shooting a ton, and haven't gotten around to putting my lenses back on the market since both buyer flaked out.
  9. Thanks Tim. Yes, it's the same lens. The guy who promised to buy it turned out to be a bit flakey, so it's now back on the market, at a reduced price. For similar reasons, I am now also returning my Optar Illumina 50mm 1.3 to the market as well, for $1000. You can see photos of both lenses at http://www.mightymaxfilms.com/extranet/lens_sale/ Thank you for your interest. Let me know if you have any questions. --Mark
  10. Hi-- I'm selling my Optex 5.5 mm T2 lens. Great condition. Covers Super 16 comfortably. Arri Bayo mount. First $2000 takes it. Email me with questions at mark@mightymaxfilms.com. Thanks,
  11. Thanks, Adrian! This is a really good example, too. Let me know if you want to talk about it.
  12. I'm dropping the price to $1500. Same great lens. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. Hi-- I'm selling my Optar Illumina 50mm lens. Great condition, clean glass and smooth mechanically. The lens is Arri Bayonet mount, but includes a quality PL adapter and PL back lens cap. I am asking $2000. Designed for Super16 film shooting, the lens just about covers 35mm aperture (with some vignetting), so it might be a good option if you're a Red shooter working in 3K. The lens is in San Diego. Let me know if you have any questions-- Mark Lyon
  14. Hi-- We're creating a documentary-style corporate video, working in hospitals in Chicago, Houston, and Rochester, Minnesota. Most likely will shoot for about a day in each of these cities, probably the week of May 18. We will need: -) Gaffer -) Sound person -) Makeup artist If you're a Sony EX1 owner/operator who'd be interested in the Gaffer position and in supplying our B-camera, so much the better! If you're interested, please contact Michael Grace at michael@lyonassoc.com. Please don't PM me here--I don't want to miss your message. To see more of our work, you can visit www.lyonassoc.com or www.mightymaxfilms.com Thanks in advance-- Mark Lyon
  15. The Arri B adaptor has sold. I still have the Nikon F-to-C adaptor.
  16. The Optex 5.5 has now sold. As has the Lightware backpack. I've still got the Zeiss 12mm and some lens adaptors. Oh and those MMB-1 filter trays!
  17. I'm selling two adaptors: Arri B to C mount (to use classic Arri B-mount glass on C-mount cameras): $75 Nikon F to C mount (to use Nikor lenses on C-mount cameras): $75 Or buy both for $100+shipping. Thanks-- Mark
  18. Hi-- I'm selling a few lenses. Optex 5.5mm T2 in excellent condition. Arri Bayo mount. $3000 or best reasonable offer. Zeiss 12mm T1.3 superspeed. Used, but great glass. Arri Bayo mount, nice PL adaptor. 80mm front, focus ring. $1000 or best reasonable offer. Optar Illumina 50mm T1.3. Excellent condition. Arri Bayo mount, with PL adaptor. 80mm front, focus ring. $2000 or best reasonable offer. I'm also selling a really nice Lightware photo backpack, and two 4x5.560 filter trays for the Arri MMB-1 mattebox. All the gear is in San Diego. Contact me if you want to see photos. Take care, Mark
  19. Hi-- We've received a request to do an interview in Washington, DC this month. No set date yet (hopefully soon). We're looking to hire a local crew for this few-hour shoot--very basic: just camera operator/DP (with a Sony EX1), gaffer, and soundman with mics. Please email me if you're interested and we'll work out the details. mark@mightymaxfilms.com. Mark Lyon
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