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  1. Hi Raymond, We are a team of engineers making the Gentoo cameras for passion not profit so thats the reason why the business savvy doesn't appear in this case and you need to understand where we are coming from in order to understand why we cancelled the Gentoo so quickly. When we launched our first camera (Chatham) we had hundreds of people coming forward praising it and "beating around the bushes" for two the years where we could have sold them (as we were actively making them) but eventually we sold less than fifty despite having had great marketing exposure in various magazines and the first camera generated a substantial monetary loss for us as we had envisioned selling a minimum of one hundred cameras where the first fifty would only pay the non-recurring-engineering costs so as you can imagine selling less than fifty meant loosing a lot of money. We made the Gentoo camera because we wanted to see the market gain a Super8 camera that could be used for rental houses and professional productions and although our first camera didn't sell fifty units we felt rather confident that we could sell close to the same amount again as this time around the camera was tailored more specifically towards that market segment and there had been a lot of marketing around Super8 done by Kodak already and this time around we were better positioned to manufacture the cameras at a substantially lower cost base due to heavy investments we had made over several years in platform thinking meaning that we could quickly design the Gentoo and bring it to market. Our pedicament was that our minimum ordering quantity to hit that price point was fifty sets and we have non-recurring engineering costs up front (i.e. mould and tooling costs etc.) hence we needed to secure the sales and ask for deposits before we could even start the actual manufacturing process which in itself would take more than six months. And since we had the fifty people requesting contracts which we needed straight from the beginning - without any proper marketing - we started serving them contracts and accepting deposits obviously expecting that the majority of those people would not ask for a contract if they didn't plan on fulfilling it (we are not talking about someone merely stating on Facebook that they want to buy but rather people writing their contact details to us, filling out an order sheet and asking for a purchase contract in return) it became apparent immediately thereafter that we were not going to hit anywhere near the fifty units nor even half the units and as such we knew instantly that it was impossible to start the manufacturing process and in turn we had to cancel the program. The alternative would have been sitting on peoples deposit for weeks if not months before enough had potentially come forward after which we could start the six to eight months manufacturing process but we did not consider that a viable etihcal option. There's also the balance of when should you start accepting orders and committing to timelines versus the amount of people coming forward and the longer you wait theres obviously also the chance that they get "cold feet" or their focus changes away from 8mm onto something else. We were not concerned about selling more cameras than the fifty as once the manufacturing process is rolling we could "easily" make a hundred more but if we didn't meet the minimum ordering quantities in the first place the process wouldn't even get off the ground so thats why we decided to start accepting orders as enough people had said they wanted to buy. Should or Could we have done it differently? Absolutely!, but without the benefit of hindsight I don't see how we could have known that 3/4 wouldn't sign up after initially coming forward. Yours truly Tommy @ Logmar
  2. Dear Cinematography community. Today I have the pleasure of announcing that we are doing a return to our roots and launching a brand new Super8 camera dubbed the Gentoo (GS8) Check out more details at www.logmar.dk We would love to hear your feedback. Yours truly Tommy L. Madsen Logmar Camera Solutions
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