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  1. Hey all, Just released a teaser for the feature film Love Chaos I shot on the Jersey Shore. Shot on the RED and the Canon 5D with Zeiss ZF primes. Let me know what you think. Written and directed by Thomas Bentey Executive Produced by Greg Rhem Cinematography by Spike Camera op by Mike Hechanova A Suburbanite production in association with UrbanMouse Productions. http://www.urbanmouse.com Join the Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/​pages/​Love-Chaos-The-Movie/​103901296332244?v=wall
  2. All 3 are in mint condition and working perfectly. Hardly any wear and tear even on the head plates. These pics represent all 3 since they are all in the same condition. Trying to let them go for $6,500 each head and pedestal combo. The heads have 100mm and 150mm duel bowl configurations. Located in NYC.
  3. I just saw it with my daughter and I was like 1 of 10 guys in there. Everyone else were teen girls and they wooed and ahhhh throughout the whole movie in a packed decent sized theater. It wasn't the best movie but for who it was for I think it hit the mark and will make some dough.
  4. Yes that would be some helpful info :) NYC/East coast. red *@* urbanmouse.com I posted on the ads section so this can be removed by mods. :)
  5. Comments welcome :) http://www.vimeo.com/2171848
  6. Base production pack and new the new audio board RED LCD 5.6 inch/Red arm Red Flash CF module Red power pack 4 batteries and charger 3 8gig cards RED drives (not in yet) Nikon mount and PL mount Nikon mount Zeiss primes 35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.4, 100/2 and Nikon 17-35/2.8, 28/2 as well as a 80-200/2.8. EVF Redrock Micro Mattbox for RED CINEVATE Ballare Dolly Miller sticks Macbook Pro for off loading Kino and Arri lighting www.urbanmouse.com
  7. Hi, No i didn't do the opening shots for the show, they do look good. I can never find it on FUSE either and I have never seen the final edit in rotation. They are headliners in the Vans Warped tour this year playing all cities so hopefully that will get something going.
  8. Here are some screenshots shot by me and Mike Hechanova for a music video for the theme song "The Brooklyn Way" featuring Everlast for the show "The Brooklyn Way" which depicts the trials and tribulations of the band "The Lordz" and their daily grind to the top. You may have seen the show on MSG channel and now has been picked up by FUSE and debuts in the next few weeks, April 17th. http://press.fuse.tv/Programming/ShowOverv...;section=On-Air Shot with the HVX with the Brevis35 Flip and the SGpro 35mm adapters.
  9. Here is the final after going back and forth with the color correction and stuff. hirez version http://www.ramjetfilms.com/aram/aram/sorry...0x360bigweb.mov smaller version for fast loading http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=27732531
  10. I think everyone has a style but I don't know if you can name it in a category. I don't see my style but people say I have one whatever that is.
  11. There is also a NYC film makers meeting I PMed you about.
  12. Oh crap. Sorry about that. I will probably be testing on wides in the next week or two to solve the edge to edge softness issues i was having on this short.
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