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  1. I have an option to either buy a LEICINA SPECIAL Super 8 or a K-3 16mm. Which camera would be a better buy for learning? Can the LEICINA SPECIAL be crystal-synced? The K-3 is a option because of the price and I've heard good things about the camera. The only thing is that it is a spring wound so crystal-sync is out of the question. Even though having a sync sound camera is not that big of an issue, it would be nice to have to experiment with sound as I grow. Does the LEICINA SPECIAL have pin registration? And on the fps dial it has 25fps not 24fps, how big of an issue is this? Is it possible to shoot 24fps with this camera? Or would a Beaulieu 4008zmII-6008 be a good option? I want a camera with interchangeable lens, whether it's a super 8mm or 16mm. Which camera would give the better images, the LEICINA SPECIAL/Beaulieu or K-3 16mm? I know 16mm would give me a bigger image, but the K-3 lacks pin registration, so the images not be as steady.
  2. I was wondering which format would yield better quality and aesthetic, a Super 8mm camera (Bealulieu, Nikon, Canon, etc and Pro8mm film stock) or a HDV 24p camera (JVC HD100, XL H1, HVX200, DVX100a, etc) with Mini35 or G35 lens adapter. I understand that a 24p camera will cost a lot more than a Super 8mm camera especially when a len adapter like the mini35 is added. The reason I'm asking is because a saw footage from a DVX100 equipped with a G35 adapter and was really impressed with the true film-like shallow DOF and quality of images (http://www.cinemek.com/?demos). All footage I see from Super 8 cameras are not as sharp and vivid color wise, but I like the super 8 format and it's look.
  3. We'll I just found out that: www.8mmfilmstock.com/DS8.html, doesn't carry DS8 color film stock anymore.
  4. I just came in contact with a Canon DS8 camera and it looks sweet. I've read that it also gives a steadier image than regular super8 cameras. I also found that getting color film stock for these cameras is hard if not impossible, but I kept searching and searching and behold I found these guys http://www.8mmfilmstock.com/DS8.html Would getting DS8 camera be worth it, or is this a dead issue?
  5. Thanks, guys. Would a 77mm wide lens adapter with a 58mm-77mm step up ring be too much for lens on my 814 AZ? Or, would I have to just test and see?
  6. I know I'm late with responding to this post, but WOW man, The look and feel of the footage is awesome!! That inspires me even more to work with Super 8. I just bought a 814AZ and I'm looking into getting a Nikon R8 too. Wow again.
  7. Thanks for the insight. The Bolex does seem like it would be a better choice. I'm a film student and I don't have the money to spent on a Eclair ACL (would be nice though). I was also looking at a K3 with a M42 screw mount, I notice they go for cheap. I here a lot of good things about them, as well as the Canon Scoopic. But I alwaays here that you can't reall go wrong with a Bolex. Thanks again
  8. Hi, has anyone used one of these cameras or knows if they are any good? It looks like it is a quality camera from the spec that I read on it. I'm just trying to get a feel for which cameras are the best to invest in.
  9. Another question. Can a Bolex H8 be converted to super 8, and if so how? What would I have to do in order to modify it myself? And where could one go to get this done professionally? The reason I'm asking is my friend just bought one of ebay and I know Bolex makes some very good camera's, plus they have interchangeable lens. So if anyone has any info on this please share. Thanx
  10. Hi, I just bought a Canon 814 AZ (I know it's not as good as the XLS, but hey, you gotta start somewhere) and was wondering could I use any 58mm size filter and Wide Angle Converter with this camera? What about a Matte Box, where could I get accessories like this for my camera?
  11. Hi, I was looking to buy a 16mm film camera. I am a film student with not a lot of money to spend. I keep running across these Pathé Professional Reflex 16mm camera's on ebay for dirt cheap and was wondering would they be a good buy for a student filmmaker and how good are these camera's. I've heard that such movies as The Birth of a Nation was filmed using these camera's. I'm also considering the Russian K3 and the Bolex H16 Rex. I've heard a lot good things about these two camera's also. Which be the better choice for a student filmmaker? Thanks
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