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  1. Alas the time has come -- all items on eBay - sale price includes postage: Scoopic First R16 Second R16 Sob sob Scot
  2. Sounds great Rex - good luck with it and please keep us updated on your progress. The only suggestions I'd make by way of constructive criticism is: - Have a good think about that title - the first thing it made me think about it is "Subdivision" - the film that tanked a few years ago ~ you don't want to be mistaken for that - Was the teaser shot with the same camera as the final film will be? It seemed a bit "videoey" to me - this is an entirely subjective thing though, and maybe the look you're after - but if not make sure you work hard at the post production and film look of it Anyway good luck and keep us posted :-) Scot
  3. I've just put the entire film on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz68TozjmgU We haven't had any luck with distributors so at least it's out there for people to see and we've got the chance of some ad revenue (after a squillion views and clicks!) Scot
  4. Do you think a diff adapter would allow more light in and reduce that? I'm not sure there's actually any vinjetting going on there - this adaptor didn't have a rotating screen - and I think that tends to add to the "hot spot" look in the middle which is probably what you are noticing. I don't know much about these - if you look around on youtube for clips made with a rotating screen you should hopefully spot the difference. This DOF adaptor is pretty much the same as the one described here: Doing focus pulls on this kind of rig for a doco might get tricky
  5. Well here's my HF11 with a DOF adaptor test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX04ptLXLbc&feature=plcp Not quite a Super 8 look I guess, but pretty cool though Scot
  6. Not that too many people here will be able to attend but we're having our premiere at the Regal Twin Cinema in Brisbane on Monday the 25th of June :-) Tricky thing now is we shot it in HD on Canon 7D - we finished it in SD - now I've got to go back and reconform the HD originals to our SD edit so we can do the screening in HD -- but I should have enough time for that given it's at the end of June Scot
  7. Hi everyone we've now got the trailer done - I look forward to any feedback: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xwa2-9z-RU - I'm recording a commentary track along with the two leads this week One US distributor is already looking at it (Osiris --> anyone have any experience with them?) - and sending it off to an Australian one on Monday :-) So finally getting completed! By the way you can see what poster/DVD design I picked on this page http://www.mango-a-gogo.com/films_ibtw.htm - thanks for the input on that too Scot
  8. Hi guys I've recently held a competition on Freelancer.com to design a cover for our movie "It's Brisbane Tonight Wow" - I got about 40 entries -- there's two that I really like and I'm quite leaning towards one -- but anyway they allow you to have a poll to help you decide - so you can pick 8 entries and let your friends rate and comment on them So if you'd like to have a look and rate the designs - please go here http://www.freelancer.com/contest/poll-NTU4MDox - I won't necessarily pick the one with the most votes - I'm more after guidance and comments/opinions Thanks Scot
  9. Hey guys - a little late update - as I speak the final render is happening of the video -- the audio is being mixed in a studio in Ireland though - but if this video render checks out that's my part of it done. The website for the film is woefully out of date so I'll look at bringing that up to date sometime soon. I'm off to Cannes in April for MIPTV mainly for doco projects but I will be taking this in my port with me! If we have no luck with distributors (who I approached earlier but am yet to follow up with) then it's Amazon for DVD sales and VOD Scot
  10. It's been quite a while since I've posted about this - I decided to concentrate more on the film making and less on the publicity/chatting -- anyway the film is moving along really well and we're heading into a screening of our 2nd rough cut (almost at the fine cut stage) in about a week. Everyone is pretty happy so far with the result :-) Scot
  11. Everything is going really well - we're half way through our studio shoot for the next few weekends and we're loving it :-) Sonia Ball (lead actress) and Scot McPhie (director) Mick Steel air guitar scene Anyway we're only shooting on weekends and should be all wrapped by the second weekend of December -- editing has started and I'll try and post a few teaser clips when possible Scot
  12. I've just given the website an overhaul and update - and don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Scot
  13. I haven't updated the web page for the film yet - but we've had 7 shooting days so far - and all is going well There's a whole lot of behind the scenes photos here I've worked out so far we've shot 25% of the script - which is about 22 minutes of screen time. We're shooting HD video - and so far have taken 310 'takes' of individual shots - which has used 87Gb of data - which equates to about 245 minutes of material. This gives a shooting ratio of 11:1 - which is fine for video, but a bit different if we were shooting on film!! Anyway all good so far....and alot of fun to work on -- it's a comedy which is so much more fun than a drama!! The crew are really cool too - a small but tight knit and highly talented bunch Scot
  14. The first day of shooting went really well yesterday - will post some pics once I've got my stuff together!! S
  15. Yeah qpix have always been great to me -- we're not using any of their gear though just their new space. The DOP is good - our original one unfortunately had to drop out owing to work committments so the camerman has stepped up to the role - adn he's more than able for it :-)
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