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  1. Great reel man. Saw some shots of streets from Japan. Brings back old memories. Just curious what's the name of the film? I was always attracted by the bright lights coming out of those convenient stores.
  2. Hello everybody, Is there anyone looking for a crew in Vancouver area? I finished film school and came back from LA, looking to get my foot in the door. Knocked on doors for post-houses but it's slow everywhere and I'm aware of the reality. <_< But I want to keep trying. Not looking for big budget fancy productions. I can assist in camera/art department, script supervising etc. I speak several languages, diligent, worked as a PA few times, shot my own shorts etc. thanks a million, Ethan
  3. Hey John thanks for all the info. Do you know if Sundance accepts miniDV for their shorts? It did not say anything about the format on their website. If you don't mind sharing, which festivals did you submit? thanks so much,
  4. Hello, first let me say I am always thankful for the advices I get from this community. Being a newbie in industry, I know there is no 'ONE' way to get a feature made or raising money or becoming a director. My plan (for now) is to enter into local, small festival w/ micro-budget films and try to enter major festivals if I can get a budget since I believe, it requires budget for publicity to make it worthwhile. So some question about festivals... 1. I used to hear winning a short film festival is unless it?s something very major like the Academy, but still getting noticed in a major festival with a short is one of the best way to directing, isn?t it? Although video and HD has improved nowadays, do you think one should consider shooting 35mm or at least 16mm if it's for entering into a major festival? I don't even know mini-DV shot on DVX100 is accepted. (When I saw "Lonesome Jim" think the DVD commentary said the whole thing was shot on DVX100) 2. Also I see these major directors made 35 minutes shorts when they were students, which I think is necessary length to tell a story. But I think most festivals limits you for 15min. at the most, don't they? Besides Youtube, how can you show your 30 min. plus short to a mass audience that counts? 3. Which are the 'Big 15' film fest., ie, the festivals that won't be a waste to enter? (I went to see a small film fest in LA, and attendance was minimal plus my friend's film was in the morning and there were 15 people in the theater. I suppose it didn't hurt to build her resume but it didn't get the movie much exposure) thank you very much,
  5. Hello, can anyone tell me how this sequence from Michelangelo Antonioni's 'Eros' was shot?
  6. Thank you very much for your insight and advice. I should have been more clear about my wording. I meant mainly TV commercials (and music videos) and never meant movies-made-for TV. Sorry for confusion. I agree and understand that one should 'take the job you can get' unless you are a at a level to choose. thanks again,
  7. Hello all, Although it might be a premature thought, do you think directing TV commercials will influence your sense of film directing, in terms of visuals? ie, I look at some film directed by ex-commercial directors and I can tell they used to do commercials just by looking at it. Usually composition is very symmetric or sometimes the movie feels like a 90 min. long Canon Digital camera TV commercial. Not to pick on anyone but like the director who did "The Cell", Mr. Tarsem Singh who I think has a stunning visual style, looks like he can only make those type of films. Perhaps it is his choice. My hunch is, music video directing, depending on content, resembles more w/ film directing. What I'm asking is, although commercial directing might be a more stable career, I won't do it for long term if it will influence my sense story telling in a negative way since I do not wish to direct a movie in TV commercial visuals. Any thoughts will be appreciated, thank you
  8. Thanks for the great info Phil, so you have worked as a professional Colorist in UK? What kind of job is "lower level engineering job" in post-production house? maintaining servers? How about in US/Canada is it the same?
  9. Hello, How does a person become a colorist for a post-production house? Is there a training school? Or you go to art school and learn After-effect and those other software on your own? Any info would be appreciated, Thank you very much.
  10. Hi all, How can I become a TV commercial director? I noticed in US there is no apprentice system and you start out as a diretor right out. So how does one become a director from the start? I notice most of them come from photography background, DPs. I went to community film school in LA but I don't have that and it will take long time for me though I want to improve my photography skills. But I know how to put down ideas on storyboards. Just start shooting my own commercial as a real? instead of short film? Also is it still advantagous to be in NY, LA? Still lots of commercial jobs are there, it seems. anyone got advice, greatly appreciated.
  11. I need a DP to shoot a short film in Vancouver. A fantasy/romantic/comedy. Anyone with their own DVX 100, XL1,2 level camera and who can rent lighting package cheaply are desired. There is no pay for this one but I am looking for someone to develop further relationship for feature film which I want to shoot. Please send me a link to your reel or leave me your contact number. Thank you very much, Ethan
  12. Hello everyone, I am 33 years old but have history of bad back, having herniated disk 2 years ago. I am over that one but long plane ride and strenous activities still makes my back tense and uncomfortable. Quit my job to go to film school for 2 years but now I'm about to graduate, I have doubts that my body will be able to take 12 hrs/day shooting etc. I still don't want to give up my dream of filmmaking (writer/director). What is a position that has the least physical strain in production environment? Obviously I can't lift heavy things so I'm thinking of Script Supervising, they let males do it , don't they? I suppose my other options are office jobs such as producing etc. thanks in advance,
  13. Hi Matt Looks like you are having fun, envious. I saw on your forum you are using the following equipment. Just wondering how much did it cost? assuming you rented them? Which part of the country are you guys shooting? NY? I would consider you to DP if you lived in Cali thanks a lot, Ethan ------------------------------------- Camera, Grip, Electric - DVX100a - Redrock Micro M2 35mm lens adapter - Nikon Primes (15/28/55) - Nikon Zoom (80-200). - 2x 650w Britek - 1x 300w Britek - 1200w HMI and a 575 HMI Fresnel - 3x Fluorescents (3200k) - 3x Fluorescents (4100k) - 100w and 60w Chinaballs - 100' and 50' 10 Gauge - 100' and 50' 12 Gauge - Misc. other stingers
  14. Hello Francois thank you for sharing such valuable info/experience. I am a newbie here, didn't know those kind of camera even existed. How does one get such sponsorship from SiliconImaging? Can anyone apply with a script? thanks a lot,
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