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Found 11 results

  1. ARRI ALEXA MINI KIT $41,500 ALEXA Mini Body Hours-650 Look Library & 4:3 License MAP-2 x 2 MAP-1 x 1 CCH-2 BPA-4 MSB-1 MSB-2BAP-1 MVB-1 View Finder V-Mount Adapter Plate EF Mount PL Mount 2 x 256GB Cfast Cards 15mm Rails Wooden Camera A-Box Pelican 1620 Case Pelican 1020 Micro Case
  2. Alexa Mini Kits Available (2) 1. Hours 513 + ARRI Certified w/ Warranty (ARRIRAW, 4:3, Look Library) Price $ 52K 2. Hours 1,235 (ARRIRAW, 4:3, Look Library) Price $46K Includes Abel Cine Inspection Items below included with Body and MVF (2) ARRI MAP-1 (1) ARRI MAP-2 (2) ARRI MSB-1 (1) ARRI RMB-3 (1) ARRI CTH-1 (1) ARRI MVF Mounting Bracket (1) ARRI Gold Mount Plate (1) ARRI MVF Cable (3) SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB CFast 2.0 Card (1) Pelican CFast Card Case (1) CFast 2.0 to USB-C Card Reader
  3. Need to Purchase : Alexa Mini w/4:3 & Raw License. Please email details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  4. F.S. Alexa Mini Kit. 4014 Hours. Includes 4:3 & RAW License. $31,000.
  5. FS: Alexa Plus 4:3 $13,000 USD Comes with V mount plate installed and AB plate included 5x 64gb Sony SxS pro cards Sony card reader 2533 hrs runtime Includes case and all cables and accessories pictured Let me know if you have any questions Located in Vancouver, BC Please email brandon@scrapcreative.com with any questions
  6. Hey All, I'm selling my Alexa Studio 4:3 w/ Optical and Digital Viewfinder and lots of extras. 1 Arri Alexa Studio 4:3 Camera System 1 Arri Optical Viewfinder 1 Arri Electronic Viewfinder + Cable + Adapter 1 Arri EVF Back Up Cable 1 Arri Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB 1 Arri VEB 1 Arri Side Handle 1 Arri Low Mode Support Set 1 Arri S4 Handheld Duel Set 1 Arri Handgrip on/off 1 Arri AB Gold - Mount Plate Upgrade 1 Arri V - Mount Plate 1 Arri Battery Cable 24V 1 Arri Standard PL Mount + Flange Customized to support older lenses with deep back elements 3 Sony SxS Card 32Gb 1 Flight Case 1 TV Logic 5.6" Monitor + Power Cable Price: $24,000.00 Camera #6037 Working Time: 4358h Camera is in NYC for inspection. Can be sent to LA. Pictures Available Upon Request. Send PM for details @ hunter.r.baker@gmail.com
  7. Hey folks, My school likes to go through color lab for film processing/telecines, but it seems as though they are limited only (as evidenced by the telecine form) to 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratios. Shooting on Super 16, I framed for the native AR of 1.66 and would prefer not to crop the top and bottom of my frames -- even if it's still "...the same basic shape" as they put it. Are there any other easy to use/ship to and quality labs that can telecine our rolls at a 1.66? Thanks in advance! Any help is appreciated.
  8. Used ARRI Alexa M 4:3 in stock. Excellent condition. £19,500 GBP (ex VAT) Condition: Used Warranty: 6 Months Op hours- 1000 Case Containing: ARRI Alexa M Camera Head ARRI Alexa M Body BAB-G (Gold Mount Battery Adapter) Bundle Accs Set for Alexa M Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) Handle Extension Bracket (HEB-2) CCH-2 Alexa M (Head) Camera Handle AMC-1 Alexa M Cage -Consisting Of: Side Bracket Bottom Plate 15mm LW Bar Bracket MEDIA M Handle Syst. - Consisting Of: Side Handle (15mm Bars Fitted) Top Plate - Small Bottom Plate SD Card (ASD-1) 12v 2pin Lemo - 4pin XLR BP8 Bridge Plate ( Short ) Balance Plate 19mm / 440mm Bar (Long) 19mm / 240mm Bar (Short) 15mm Lightweight Bar - Short 240mm 24v Camera / Battery Cable 2m Lightweight SMPTE Fibre Cable Sony 64gb SxS Card Sony 64gb SxS Card Sony 64gb SxS Card 20m SMPTE Fibre Cable (9mm Dia.) Please contact me at Casey@esbroadcast.com if you require any further information.
  9. So one day I was bored and I decided to shoot a film all by myself, which meant acting and I'm not that good at it
  10. We have an Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 XR package available for $59,950. This was a Plus 4:3 upgraded to the XT. bvw@vidgear.com
  11. Asking price: $55,000. Arri Alexa-M 4:3 XR Camera Pkg. (S/N: K1.71000.0-3604) Arri Alexa-M 4:3 Camera Head With XR Upgrade Arri Alexa-M Camera Body with XR Module incl. High Speed License, Pro Res option, Anamorphic option Lens Adapter PL Mount w/o LDS Turret Plug for Alexa Camera Body SD Card Arri Alexa A-EV Electronic Viewfinder (EVF-1) incl. Magnetic Eyecup Arri Alexa Viewfinder Cable Short (.35m/1.2ft) Arri Alexa A-EV Viewfinder Mounting Bracket (VMB-1) Alexa-M Handle, CCH-2 (K2.73002.0) Arri Alexa A-EV Center Camera Handle (CCH-1) Arri Alexa A-EV Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount (BAB-G) Alexa-M Cage Plate ACP-2 (AMC-1, K2.73003.0) Alexa-M Bridge Plate Adapter AMB-2 (AMC-1, K2.73005.0) Side Bracket ASB-1 (AMC-1, K2.72086.0) (1) 24v Power Cable - 2p Fischer - 3p XLR A&J Custom Alexa M Shipping Case Images available upon request. Please PM for any details or email sales@tcsfilm.com or call 212-247-2517 and ask for Matt Schwalb or John Ryan.
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