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Found 3 results

  1. $400 OBO. This mount adapter lets you mount an older Arri Standard mount or Arri Bayonet mount lens on a PL mount camera. This is the much more complex type with two spring-loaded push buttons for release, and is compatible with lenses like old Cooke Speed Panchros in Arri Standard mount. Those lenses need the holding tab that this adapter has to let you focus. Very easy to pop lenses in and out by just pressing two the side buttons. Les Bosher was known for making these, although I'm not sure who made this one. I bought this one from Visual Products about 9 years ago. Duclos sells something similar new for $700: https://www.ducloslenses.com/products/arri-standard-pl-adapter Note, this works fine on most film cameras. I used it on my Arri 3C before I sold that last year. It may not be compatible with all PL mount digital cameras like the Alexa - the protruding back can collide with interior baffles. Located in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi There, Some of you may remember that almost a year ago I was moving to South America and sold of a bunch of my film equipment on here. I had an Arriflex SR16 with sound blimp for sale but the buyer backed out at the last minute and I had to put the camera in Storage before I left. Now I'm back in the states for 3 months and have it for sale again but now I'm thinking maybe I should keep it but here is the problem I'm having... This one is a bayonet mount camera and I have been unable to buy lenses for it. One reason being that they aren't that easy to find. Now that I live a more carefree life, I want to start doing more short documentaries and films and I'm thinking maybe I can still use this camera if I convert it to super16 and maybe convert the lens mount to one where I can buy more readily available lenses. I like that this one works perfectly, has some accessories and I have the special sound blimp to go with it that reduces the camera noise to zero. Or should I trade it for a super16 camera with a lens mount with more readily available lenses?
  3. I very much love my CP-16. I found at an incredibly low price a Arri B/standard to CP mount adapter - it's the unit that Visual Products sold a while back. So, where have all the Arri B/Standard mount lenses gone? I'm looking to build a prime kit. I would like to find a normal or wide to start with, 25mm or 18mm or so. For that matter, where are all of the CP primes? I'm totally open to using Russian glass as well, provided I don't need to completely rehouse the lenses. For those that might be tempted: No, I would rather not sell my cp-16 and buy (insert name of "better" camera here). For that matter, I don't wish to purchase a new set of whatever for $60,000... I also refuse to pay $5000 for a single 50 year old prime. If it comes to that I'll just buy a new one. Not trying to be hateful, just where my thoughts are currently. Edit: I may not be totally opposed to changing the camera to PL mount, if that's the way things just... "are".
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