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Found 2 results

  1. A colleague of mine with a small production company is struggling with work, I'm doing him some favors lighting with my tungsten kit to help make his projects look better in hopes of grabbing in some clients with deeper pockets. Sometimes we need a bright pool of daylight because the cameras used aren't very sensitive (around 250 ASA) and/or shooting into windows. I was thinking of putting together an array of those giant 6500k 105w CFLs with 90+ CRI, though keeping their built in ballasts cool might be a concern if they're packed in closely. Renting isn't an option; HMIs, kinos, etc. are out of budget and this wouldn't be used that often. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone seen any creative solutions for getting a lot of daylight for your buck out of a 15A outlet? Also considering lipo battery/giant inverter options for quick shots that require more current. It's definetly not something that would go on a truck for day-in-day-out production use by different crews and such. Looking to get something that will output around 50 foot candles at 30ft from subject 30ft+ width beam. Softness/hardness isn't a concern at this point, just getting exposure is hard enough. Impossible to find/build?
  2. Hey guys, I am shooting a short comedy film for class, and was hoping for some suggestions with my setup! Mind you, I am very new to all this. Since it is a comedy, I was planning on using a lot of soft light. I have a few softboxes, a few umbrella lights, and a few chinaballs. The setup I was planning on running, was two 1000 Lumen LED worklights for my background (with orange or blue gel depending on the scene) and a chinaball with orange or blue gel with a 105W CFL (600W equivalent) in front of my actor. If necessary, I would use a white reflector to fill the shadows on my actors face. The reason I want to use worklights if possible, is that they are MUCH easier to gel. I have heard they run a little bit green, and have spikes in their color charts, but will that really affect me in a real life situation? The two backlights I use would probably have different hues of the same color, ie. frost blue and full blue CTB Thank you all for the help! I look forward to learning with you!
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