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Found 7 results

  1. I’ve been looking around for a cp-16r body in poor condition to use as a parts camera, or any available parts. If you have anything please feel free to let me know and get in touch!
  2. Hi, I have a cinema products CP-16R and I was wondering if it would run off a DC power supply of 19v, 2.5A connected to the battery terminals. I know it's supposed to be 20v but maybe it can still run off of 19v. What are your thoughts? Thanks - Aren
  3. I am getting yellow lines on my film, I checked the wheels they seem fine they spin, is it the gate ? is it because i shot in expired film ? i hate it i shoot a 400ft roll and the yellow line is present in the whole film. i wanna know whats wrong with my CP-16r, has anyone experienced with this problem before? video:
  4. Don't know if this question belongs in Lenses or CP 16 category. The good news is I just got a CP-16R for dirt cheap, it has at least one good battery and charger, seems to have been serviced recently, and the seller even included aa array b and arri s adapter. Pretty thrilled. The bad news is I have no lens right now, can't even seem to "fit" the adapters into the CP mount just to see them in there (guess I'll need some tiny grub screws too), and I see how dismal the selection of affordable lens choices are out there (I know why, BMPCC buyers got to them first) A little spooked by all the info re: backs of Arri lenses hitting mirrors, lenses not really working with cheaper adapters, etc. and wondering if I should just play it safe and wait for the right CP mount lens to show up on eBay, etc. I know I can carefully test an array s lens by using the inching nob. Guess I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing? I'll get an adapter part way in and then the other part won't go in. These were tested by Duall in NY so supposedly they're good. If anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong.... Also, any opinion on the Canon C 16 12-120 Fluorite (CP mount) lens? Seems kind of a bargain and doesn't look bad on video tests. Peter G.
  5. For Sale: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/111868638592? Cinema Products Crystal Sync 16mm motion picture camera package CP-16R camera body 10-150mm zoom in CP-mount Fully orient-able viewfinder - rare! Regular viewfinder - prisms needs re-silvered. 3x 400' magazines with core adapters 3-pin XLR Dummy Battery Adapter Custom AC adapter TWO Anvil Flight cases This camera and lens were completely serviced by Visual Products, back focus was checked on the zoom lens, and belts were replaced. This camera runs very well. This camera is NOT Super16, it has never been modified. The camera features a built in light meter which appears to register about 1/2 stop different from my hand held meter. Camera sync light, and mirror return work great. This camera does not include the sound head as found on some models. Please contact to see actual 2K scanned 16mm footage from this camera. Flat shipping of $55, it will likely cost more to ship, but I hate charging people too much for shipping. I make every effort to package items I sell as best possible. This camera will be packaged in bubble rap, placed in its padded flight case, and then shipped. The Lens will be wrapped, placed in its separate flight case and shipped. This item is listed on Ebay, feel free to message me about this item - if it sells here, I will pull the auction. For anyone on this forum, I'll throw in the Arri S/B to CP mount adapter from Visual Products ($475 I think is the current price) which lets you use any Arri standard or bayonet mount lenses on this camera. Some of the older lenses will interface with the spinning mirror, but the later serial numbers do not. http://imgur.com/a/jnnpv Please feel free to ask questions!
  6. I have a Cinema Products CP-16r with fungus (or something?) on one of the internal elements of the viewfinder. It appears to be on the second element of the viewing (eye) side, as it does not change focus with the ground glass. Can anyone point me to a resource for proper disassembly? I have taken the thing apart but I CAN NOT seem to be able to remove the prizim covers, unless there is some secret after the two screws are removed. This is the one thing that does not seem to be covered in any of the available documentation. Before I spend money to replace it, I want to try to clean it! Thanks for any help you might have.
  7. Rudy Velez Jr


    I just won a cp-16r but the seller is now informing that there is a lost loop or up and down registration problem. this is the video he sent me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WPTJHWay4A&feature=youtu.be what do you folks reckon the problem is? Can I get it serviced and fixed? About how much would that cost?
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