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  1. Still is not recommended, we can talk in circles all you want but the reality is that the focus range has a sweet spot especially in a narrow depth of field, if you dont measure it you run the risk of getting it on the soft part of the focus no matter how much practice you might have, you are not a robot to preform the same all the time. monitors are a great tool but they are not to be trusted with focus even if they have focus assist tools, people that use measuring tape and lasers have consistently preform better focus pulls then monitor watchers. monitor watcher take so many tries and they take valuable time that could be spent in other shots but for some reason they think is faster just doing it like that instead of spending 5 secs to get the right measurements in the first place. the numbers on the lens are there for a reason use it !!!!
  2. Eastman 7293 processed in labo films in Mexico and scanned in a black magic.
  3. I am getting yellow lines on my film, I checked the wheels they seem fine they spin, is it the gate ? is it because i shot in expired film ? i hate it i shoot a 400ft roll and the yellow line is present in the whole film. i wanna know whats wrong with my CP-16r, has anyone experienced with this problem before? video:
  4. Me too, Thats an excuse it takes 3 seconds to do that, you can do it sloppy or you can do it correctly, is not reliable to measure according to lying monitor, thanks to that monitor i got lots of out of focus shots. but when i used the measuring tape omg no out of focus shots i wonder why ? cinema lenses have measurements for a reason.
  5. yes i know i used monitors of that kind. it has handy tools, but the screen does not help. i would say never trust the monitor, is only for other people to see. use the viewfinder for better focus pulling.
  6. i stopped watching because you broke the 180 degree rule.
  7. i hate that monitor i used for a project with an arri alexa, i had to relied on my measuring tape to do focus because i wasn't sure.
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