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  1. Eastman 7293 processed in labo films in Mexico and scanned in a black magic.
  2. I am getting yellow lines on my film, I checked the wheels they seem fine they spin, is it the gate ? is it because i shot in expired film ? i hate it i shoot a 400ft roll and the yellow line is present in the whole film. i wanna know whats wrong with my CP-16r, has anyone experienced with this problem before? video:
  3. Me too, Thats an excuse it takes 3 seconds to do that, you can do it sloppy or you can do it correctly, is not reliable to measure according to lying monitor, thanks to that monitor i got lots of out of focus shots. but when i used the measuring tape omg no out of focus shots i wonder why ? cinema lenses have measurements for a reason.
  4. yes i know i used monitors of that kind. it has handy tools, but the screen does not help. i would say never trust the monitor, is only for other people to see. use the viewfinder for better focus pulling.
  5. i stopped watching because you broke the 180 degree rule.
  6. i hate that monitor i used for a project with an arri alexa, i had to relied on my measuring tape to do focus because i wasn't sure.
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