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Found 16 results

  1. After the 2024 Olympics in Paris, we will have 26x our 'Foldable TDT' crane package available. This package consists of a 5.4m crane/jib (operational length), remote head, dolly, column, and all necessary cables and controls. As it's used for a few weeks and not 'brand new' anymore, we sell it with a big 30% discount.After discount, the price will be $38000. We only have 26 available, and work on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations are possible through down-payment.Feel free to email me: jb@egripment.nlOr give me a call: +31627461156Check out our other products on www.egripment.com .The price is subject to change due to EUR/USD exchange rate.
  2. Price Reduced : 80' Akela Crane 6x12 custom high wells cargo trailer. Includes 3000 lbs of barbell weights Price : 15K US
  3. For Sale : 80' Akela Crane 6x12 custom high wells cargo trailer. Includes 3000 lbs of barbell weights Price : 15K US
  4. $160,000 without head with head $174,000 choice of Ronin or Movi Comes with Telescopic jib Maximum lens height: 6.6m (22 ft.) Maximum telescopic reach: 4.7m (15.5 ft.) Adjustable telescopic speed: 0-1.5 m/sec. Adjustable fluidity of telescopic start and stop Automatic deacceleration at telescopic ends Weight: 89 kg 1-Electronic unit Linear Amplifiers with real-time operation system Adaptable for 230 V or 115 V 1-1 Mains cable 25 m 3-1 Control unit for telescope / Hand Rocker 1-1 Control unit for telescope 2-1 Cable for telescope control unit - 3m 3-1 Cable for telescope control unit - 10m 4-1 Autohorizon unit 1-1 Autohorizon motor unit 2-1 Autohorizon cable Counterweights 1-14 Counterweights (21) 2-1 1/2 Counterweight 1 1/8 Counterweight 3 Sliding weights Tools 2 Ratchet Strap 1 Set of Allen Keys 1 Set of Spanners - 10, 13, 19, 24 1 Ratchet with 24 + 18 nuts 1 Case for Tools 1 Cutter 1 Electric drill with adapter (Only for voltage of 220 V) 4 Screw 3/8 inch x 20 2 Screwdriver 1 Spirit Level 4 Nut M16/half Additional material 1-Set of gloves 1-Tin of Vaseline 1-Cable ties medium 10-Velcro medium 1 Manual (English language) Buyer is given a 2 day check out period on all equipment. Take a look at the rest of our gear at Newprovideo.com
  5. Alien is a great go-to when talking about effective handheld work, but it really uses about every technique you can think of, brilliantly, I might add. I recently read Derek Vanlint's ASC magazine article about shooting the film and he mentioned they were offered a Panaglide, but refused because he and Ridley wanted to be the sole operators and couldn't learn the rig in time. Upon watching it the other night for the billionth time, I noticed I never gave much thought to one of the first shots. In the opening sequence, when the Nostromo receives its special order, and the camera is giving us an ominous tour of the ship's interior, it's all dolly work, of course, until the final slow push through the white hallway, settling on the door that opens to reveal the cryopods, before we push all the way to the threshold of that room. Was the camera underslung on some rig? Maybe a crane? the crane seems hard to fathom with the cramped four wall sets
  6. I'm selling the jib. Don't really want to sell it, so my price is pretty firm. I won't entertain any low ball offers. This has been my baby for the last 10 years and it still gets me work on a regular basis. I've shot with a ton of different camera rigs from DSLR to Alexas and Reds... The result is always the same: Happy clients, amazing shots. If you've operated a Cammate before, you know what I mean when I say it's a very smooth machine. The motors are rock solid and so is every other component. Here is a list of some of the extra items that will be included: Motorized dutch head with case Film gear motor (bigger size than Fuji or Canon lens motor) Leveling riser- allows for easier leveling and taller post Canon/Fuji motor and gears Some nice features on this jib: no wires to set up or deal with, undersling or oversling head, dutch head for sports or music videos, cable snake for quick and easy set up, holds up to 35lbs, can be used in 12'-18'-24' sections, this jib will always be relevant even for low budget movies... I usually charge $1000-1200 per day for me and the jib. Asking price: $16,000 Bought new for $35,000 I can deliver the jib (for the right price) instead of shipping it, if you are close enough... I'm in Colorado, so pretty central... Just offering this so you are 100% confident that nothing has been wanked in transit. I can also give you the weights that I own. If you decide to ship it, weights will not be included. Here are some pics: I can upload more pics on request
  7. 30 foot Jimmy Jib Extreme with wheel package.A lot of extras, custom and ect. I have over 22,000 in it.. All yours for 16,000 with cases and everything... Albuquerque NM USA Contact Darryl D3soundman@yahoo.com
  8. AKELA CAMERA CRANE FOR SALE (INTERNATIONAL SALE ONLY) The 85' Akela Crane can go from ground level to six stories high in a single move, or follow a subject over broken ground for up to 170' without track or cables. It is lightweight and can be broken down into highly portable elements, enabling assembly in remote locations. The crane can be built at 45', 58', 72', or 85'. AKELA CAMERA CRANE - $55,000.00 (US/FOBUSA) *Pre-owned and in good condition
  9. Looking to purchase a 30' Technocrane. Please email pricing and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com. Best, Rick
  10. For Sale: CamMate Series 2000 Camera Jib/ Crane (Model 2032) CamMate published factory specs: Total Reach: 26 Ft., 6 In. Lens Height: 29 Ft., 5 In. Total Length: 31 Ft., 7 In. Ballast Needed: 534 Lbs. Weight of Crane: 202 Lbs. Configurable in stepped lengths up to full length listed above. Please visit CamMate.com for more tech details. This jib/ crane was originally purchased in 2001. I am the original purchaser. The jib was used occasionally on our own productions/ shows. It does show some wear, but over all is in great shape. The head and electronics were recently gone through and upgraded to current specs at the CamMate factory in AZ. Due to health reason, I am no longer able to operate, and it is time to find a new home for it. I have several other photos available upon request. This unit includes everything shown in the photos: CamMate 2032 with "Pathfinder Dolly" Also Includes: Turf AND STUDIO wheel sets (Studio Wheels are included, but we forgot to include them in photos) 2) Custom Ultimate Support Tripods for Set-Up Assistance 2) Custom Weight Carts with 600+ Lbs. of assorted counterweights CamMate "Spare Parts Kit" Dolly Pedestal height extension Boom Pedestal Leveler Travel Bags for Arm Sections 2) Pelican Cases for Head and Electronics Fuji and Canon Broadcast Lens adapters Other misc. gizmo's and adapters This jib is located in Kansas City, MO. I am asking $16,000.00 Or Best Offer. Please feel free to email me for more information. daryn@cashmarkmedia.com
  11. Hello, I am selling a LiteProGear Feather Camera Crane. It's an ultra light camera crane or jib for DSLR and even a Red (as it is and even more with the upgrade). It weights only 2.2kg and is really small when packed. It's complete, in great shape and there's an extension plate in bonus. Really cool product, barely used. Here's their website for more informations: http://www.liteprogear.com Price is 700 EUR + shipping (around 50 EUR to most countries). It was bought new from the EU distributor for 1100 EUR + VAT. Payment by Paypal. Here's my e-mail: olivier@theblacksheep.be All the best, Olivier
  12. For Sale : Cam Mate T18' 2000 series with dutch head. Email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing, details & additional pics.
  13. Three Strada Cranes 2-85' & 1-87' $125,000.00 Each One Akela Crane 85' $75,000.00
  14. Porta-Jib Traveller by Losmandy FOR SALE! A great way to add motion to any shot for a low cost. $2245.00 as is. Minimal use. Great condition. Tripod not included. Retail price = $2495.00 - You Save $250! Please contact daniel@opsociety.org with inquiries.
  15. I am in pre-production of a film at the moment that will require an 'aerial work platform' and a lighting rig to imitate moonlight above a wooded area. It's part of an ambitious project and none of the crew members have had any experience with this kind of set-up other than our University, Greenwich, is often a film set (twice a month) and we often see similar set-ups, for a beginner with this kind of project, what would you recommend? Extra info: filming in an area in the UK where no films have ever been made and its a bit of a novelty. Some rough terrain and at least 400ft to the nearest power supply if we get the location we would like. Currently we are looking at a 60ft high platform holding a single 12k Arri HMI Fresnel. Any advice will be hugely appreciated (I understand that I have recently posted in a similar topic however it was 6 years old and I would prefer much more recent experience as advice)
  16. I'm new in the grip world and I'm eager to work close to the camera. I know that grips often operate dollys, cranes, and lifts but I'm wondering if you have to be certified to have that position? Could someone provide me more information about this? Thanks!
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