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Found 3 results

  1. These are exceeding rare laboratory grade Super 8mm film cartridge opening machines! If you've ever tried to open a Super 8mm Cartridge gently when processing your own, you know what an ordeal it can be! If you have a dozen or more to open, it can be torture on you and possibly your film. This machine, which is about 10 lbs of cast aluminum, has a razor sharp blade on a circular bit under the cover. Place the Super 8mm cartridge in the aperture, close the lid, give it one revolution on the handle and you have a perfectly cut circle in the side of the cartridge to gently extract your film! Fantastic shape! Almost like new! $250 USD (willing to entertain offers as well) to me via Paypal or USPS Money Order + actual shipping cost to you. Made by Kodak for Kodak Super 8mm cartridges; what more can you ask for? Thanks for looking!
  2. Hey everyone, I might shoot a short movie in New Orleans early next year and I want to shoot on film, super 16 or 2 perf 35 mm, and I saw that Cineworks over there had done the film dailies on 12 Years A Slave, Oldboy, etc, but when I saw no new film projects since then in their credits, I sort of wondered if they shut down their film lab and only do digital. I thought I was maybe pessimistic but one of the guys over there just told me they did shut down and only do digital because of lack of work. Great, I saw that Fotokem has a New Orleans office/lab, it says on their website that they do film dailies, all that, but it doesn't say anything about their NOLA based facility, I just sent them an email, but does anyone know if Fotokem NOLA does film dailies? If not, is there a film lab ANYWHERE in Louisiana or close to New Orleans or Baton Rouge, in that vicinity? If not, that would be a goddam shame, and I'm not really comfortable with shipping the film too far away or whatever since this is my first major thing, first time on film, it's important for me to shoot on film but I've been keeping in mind the Alexa, I kinda dread having to wait for a few days to get the film back, in case there's any f**** ups. Thanks !
  3. Veteran Facility Owner Werner Winkelmann Will Oversee Motion Picture Film Processing (SYDNEY, Australia) Neglab, a motion picture film laboratory for processing 35mm and 16mm color negative, will reopen its doors later this month, providing high-quality film processing services to the region. Werner Winkelmann, original owner of the facility, has over 25 years of experience working in the lab industry and brings extensive expertise to the entire imaging chain. "All of us at Neglab are thrilled to re-engage with the filmmaking community and provide outstanding lab services for the region," says Winkelmann, co-founder and technical operations manager. "We are poised to provide unparalleled services, and have brought together a staff of professionals with incredible knowledge and a dedication to superior quality control standards." A recognized expert in the laboratory business, Winkelmann has been involved in building ECN2, ECP2 and ECP3, and black-and-white processors throughout his career. Joining him at Neglab will be Herbert Stegbauer, director and owner of Stegbauer Pty., manufacturer and supplier of film processing equipment. Stegbauer started his career at Colorfilm and later co-founded Filmlab Engineering. Neglab will operate out of Stegbauer's factory. Together, Winkelmann and Stegbauer have assembled a team of experts with over 80 years of experience in the film industry. Neglab has been designed to provide superior motion picture laboratory services to filmmakers, installing the latest design magnetic drive processor, and surpassing standards for cleanliness. The backup and safety systems on Neglab's processor ensure trouble free operation and perfect processing of 35mm and 16mm color negative formats. "Customer service is a priority for us," adds Winkelmann. "We know that labs need to be responsive to filmmakers. We offer location pick up and handling anywhere within the Sydney central business district, and all rushes will be quickly delivered directly to the production's telecine facility of choice. We can also arrange Interstate shipments at reasonable rates, when requested by the customer." Neglab originally opened in July 1997, and briefly suspended operations a few years ago based on industry economics. But with today's production landscape and a resurging choice by filmmakers to originate on film, Winkelmann saw an opportunity to reopen. For more information on Neglab, contact w.winkelmann.48@gmail.com, or call +0409.928.117. # Media Contacts: ignite strategic communications Sally Christgau - direct 415.238.2254 / sally@ignite.bz
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