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Found 4 results

  1. Please follow this link to view the comprehensive NC400, NC500 as compared to Eastman Kodak 5219 that was shot on March 1st, 2023. https://vimeo.com/820380873 We used two Aaton Penelopes in a side-by-side setup with matching prime lenses. We made two passes, each with the NC stocks in the A camera and Kodak 5219 500T in the B camera. The exposed material was developed and scanned at Colorlab on a DFT Scanty at 4.3K for a 1 to 1 representation on 4K DCI. In addition the material reviewed on ARRI Scanner Company 3 by Thomas Kuo. The team exposed the stocks at their respective box speed. The first thing we wanted to find out is the film stocks' speed. The factory rates the two film stocks at ISO 400. We implemented the standard two stops under to 2 stops over wedge test in 1/2 stop increments. We concluded that the NC400 emulsion looked closer to "normal" at one stop over or N+1, that being ISO 200. At the same time, the NC500 appears to have a slightly less normal density at close to the factory box speed of ISO 400. In conclusion, NC500 appears to have an ISO of 320. I recommend exposing it at ISO 250. Test Credits: Dwight D. Campbell - Master Gaffer Donald Burghardt - Master 1st AC Dan Venti - Master 1st AC David Auner, AAC - Cinematographer Gustavo Perez - Electrician Hanako Ohashi - Coordinator David Jean Schweitzer, SOC - Cinematographer, Project Leader CURVES-comparative.jp2
  2. Hi everyone, My film has been postponed due to the Covid situation and I am therefore interested in selling my 16mm film. I have approximately 35 rolls of Orwo N75 400ft/122m core. They are all from the same batch and from the end of 2020. The have been refrigerated since I bought them. Unit price is 140$ + the shipping (from Copenhagen, Denmark) Here is some stuff I shot last year with the same stock ( slightly graded) : https://vimeo.com/490263331/42f7a3d17e Thank you and a great day to you all. KR, Masar
  3. Does anyone know what has happened to orwona.com? All of the b&w cinematography films on the website are 'currently unavailable' and 'please check back again at a later stage.' It's been like this since the beginning of the year. It's been a very nice resource being able to order stocks from their website and I hope this isn't the beginning of the end?
  4. I develop new and expired reversal 8mm and 16mm films, black and white - ORWO (ORWO UP15, UP21, UP32), ADOX, FOMA, KODAK etc. Go to: http://www.8mm-16mm-film-developing.com/index.html I develop for Customers from all the world. I develop films exposed even 40 years ago. I happened to develop film exposed in 1965 with success! It is possible to obtain good image from such films. I specialize in the developing of such films - have decades of experience. I treat each film individually, depending on age and type of a film. I make the chemistry baths on my own, adapting to the age of the film. Of course I develop new films in the normal process also.
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