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  1. Sale! 115$ per roll. You heard it here first:)
  2. You're the expert:) But know for a fact that Kodak wanted to design a new 8 milli after they saw Logmar's Chatham. Nolan and his team shot with Logmar's Magellan on Tenet - maybe they found some inspiration there too. Who knows:)
  3. We need to talk more about these madmen from lil' ol' Denmark: https://www.logmar.dk/magellan/ My guess is that this new resurrection is probably inspired from them - just like Kodaks new super8 camera:)
  4. More footage with Orwo N75 stock: https://vimeo.com/529663763/984b00ac61
  5. Hi everyone, My film has been postponed due to the Covid situation and I am therefore interested in selling my 16mm film. I have approximately 35 rolls of Orwo N75 400ft/122m core. They are all from the same batch and from the end of 2020. The have been refrigerated since I bought them. Unit price is 140$ + the shipping (from Copenhagen, Denmark) Here is some stuff I shot last year with the same stock ( slightly graded) : https://vimeo.com/490263331/42f7a3d17e Thank you and a great day to you all. KR, Masar
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