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Found 4 results

  1. (my showreel is in the end of the post) Hi everyone! I'm a professional colorist from Kazakhstan and color management consultant. More about me below. I'm searching for a music video I could color grade for free. I need source footage from a real world project that I may later send to my students and use in tutorials. I must have the right to distribute and modify the source material. It has to be shot well and using a decent camera. No crappy DSLRs, that can't record in Raw/ProRes/DNx. I'm convinced learning and teaching using good material is a must. I've color graded commercials for Pepsi, Panasonic, Saks Fifth Avenue, Samsung & Vogue, music videos for Marina Maximilian and Tamir Grinberg. Also I create custom post-production and on-set look LUTs. I've worked with director Sarah Walker (known for Warrior Nun, A Discovery Of Witches, Get Even), cinematographer Anna Patarakina (known for Clean Bandit music videos, Breaking Surface, Get Even, The Midwich Cuckoos, Zoo, The Tower, The Lost Girls) and cinematographer Daria Geller (known for Clean Bandit, Marina Maximilian music videos). I've created Show LUTs for Netflix TV series Get Even, a Sky original The Midwich Cuckoos, BritBox series The Tower and feature films The Tutor and The Lost Girls. For contact use: PM here Instagram Also feel free to ask me anything here. My showreel:
  2. Hello guys! I've got a question for you that could sound stupid but I am thinking about it for a couple of days. I've got a nizo pro and that has been used by me only one time, just to test if it's in order. Everything seems to be ok, but I forget to try the macro setting. Now I have to shoot some macro scenes with this camera and I am looking for suggestions on how to get the frame perfectly in focus. The manual says to always use the longest focal leght to get the focus, (use the telephoto setting for focusing. To focus (...) set the focal lenght to 80mm). Now my question is, how can I use the tele for focusing if I need to use the macro? Do I simply have to switch in macro on the lens barrel, set the focusing range to the closest value (i.g. 90cm) and use the zoom untill the vertical lines of the subjects appear unbroken in the viewfinder? Doing so do I get the frame in focus? Can someone suggest me a workflow for focusing in macro mode? thank you very much!!! Mario
  3. I am still new to cinematography. Really need some advises from you. How can a amateur like me shoot a film as professional as possible? Is it more important in equipment or in skills?
  4. Hello everyone. Six months ago, I arrived in Los Angeles from Moscow, where for 6 years he worked in television. Now actively learn the language and do event videography. Much before moving sold, so not removed on an expensive camera. I would like to get acquainted with working in California. My work can be viewed:
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