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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone, After much thought I have decided to put my complete Sony F35 + Codex package up for sale. This is the only Sony F35 kit you will find to have a complete Codex Onboard Recorder package. This includes the Codex Onboard Recorder, 1 512GB + 3 256GB Data Packs, F35 Wet Dock, Control Panel, all necessary cable, the incredibly rare and expensive Desktop Transfer Station (DTS) and an ATTO ExpressSAS H3680 card inside a Sonnet Echo Express Sel case which plugs into any MAC with a Thunderbolt port. The Codex Recorder and DTS both have all available licenses activated: 12bit 444 uncomp
  2. Hello my fellow cinematographers, I hope you can help me with my problem. I need to shot for more than 8 minutes. Do I need a ssd of 320Gigas? What model do I use? Are models not compatible with the redone? Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi guys, I have a fantasy film coming up that we'll be shooting entirely on stage, that will involve a fair amount of digital set extension (forests, mountains, shining dome structures) and background replacement via greenscreen (or bluescreen, haven't confirmed whether it'll be green or blue yet) and a pretty vibrant colour palette. Our two options for camera are the Red One MX and Sony F5 (without a raw recorder, so 1080p 4:4:4 only). I'll be lighting with tungsten almost exclusively (the lighting grid is mainly 5k fresnels and 2k soft lights), so I'm a little weary about the im
  4. Hello everyone! This is my first post! Nice to meet you all! I am wondering if anyone has any advice/tips regarding handheld operation. The setup I will be using is the Red One - luckily with the Bomb EVF - and Ziess Compact Prime CP2 lenses. I will also be using a ET Mantis shoulder mount. Attached is the setup thus far - any tips regarding operation, balancing, or handheld in general would be greatly appreciated. All the best!
  5. Hello! Last year I was a part of a student production called "Punctum Temporis". A 10-minute, no dialogue, short film. My first time operating a Red One camera, so I believe I might could have gotten more out of it. Although I co-directed and wrote, I would like get some feedback on my cinematography for this one, as this is the branch I really want do continue doing. This was a small production with only eight crew members, so I ran the lighting and camera operating myself, while my camera assistant pulled the focus. Would appreciate any feedback!
  6. Hey everyone. In October I'm going to be directing my first feature. It will be shot kind of like Zero Dark Thirty, but we will be shooting a lot of it weekend warrior style. For example, we're going to go ahead and shoot some of the scenes on the weekend with a small crew and then shoot most of our location with a pro crew. The idea being that we can just reshoot the cheap stuff if we need to. My camera options are a Red One, Sony EX-1 with letus 35mm adapter, a Canon 60D and a Canon 5D Mark II. Now, first of all...is it worth it to shoot with a sony EX-1 with letus adapter now that y
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