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Found 2 results

  1. Hello.... I shot mostly film and little digital. I also shoot 3D. I use a Bolex 3D film camera and shoot 3D but I have also bought a Sony 3D digital camera to shoot 3D. I work under Windows. The software I use now is Sony movie studio platinum 13 and Sony Vegas Pro 12. Pro 12 will let me import, edit and burn in 2K. I and many of my friends have moved to the newer Ultra 4K Blu-ray players and I have a LG OLED Ultra 4K TV. I like the fact that I can stream You Tube videos in 4K. I have been having my 16mm motion picture film scanned in at 4K or 5K. I would like the ability to edit and burn in 4K. By burn, I want 4K Ultra​ blu-ray authoring software. I do not mind if I need to buy one program to edit and export 4K content to another program to author a blu-ray. Or it can be the same program. I am looking for suggestions. I am very pleased with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and do not know if a upgrade to that would be a good idea or maybe switch to other software. I am looking for suggestions. Help Appreciated. Is this the correct form to post this question? Or many another place altograther to go to ask my question? Thanks you, mraroid
  2. Having just got a recorder, I've written an entire blog post about my decision process to buy a recorder/monitor as I've been debating which to get for a long while: http://ironfilm.co.nz/which-recorder-monitor-is-best-for-the-sony-pmw-f3/ Basically my logic process then went, if: a) you have a bit more cash, get the PIX-E5 Because aside from its price (which is pricey relative to a Samurai Blade or Video Assist, however PIX-E5 is cheap compared to any of its direct competitors!) it is practically almost flawless! Especially as I feel 5 inches is the “sweet spot” for an operator’s monitor while shooting, but if you disagree there is always the PIX-E7 instead with its 7 inch screen. b) don’t mind focus peaking / waveforms / vector scopes / etc are missing, get the BMD VA! Some people don’t mind living without these and don’t see what is the big deal, others would shudder at the thought of being without them…. c) otherwise…. am left with the last choice of the three :-P Get a Samurai Blade Or at least, that is how my thought process went. Thus personally I went for the Atomos Samurai Blade, which I’ll use with my PMW-F3. It arrives next week! (it just arrived today at my reshipper service in the USA) You can now rip into me for making the wrong choice :-P Or give me tips on using them together. For instance, I think the tagging (thumbs up/down) on set feature in the Atomos recorders only can be used with Final Cut?? (even though Atomos promised it would work with other NLEs) If there is any way to make it work with Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas (or even DaVinci Resolve's editing?! Just I can't use Final Cut, as using a PC, as does everybody else I work with) please let me know.
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