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Found 3 results

  1. An optical behemoth and legend has been acquired by an American friend. Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH originally manufactured this incredible Schneider-Kreuznach 6-180mm f/1.8 Variogon lens (30x) made for Beaulieu 6008/7008/9008 series Super 8 cameras. I was only aware of it's existence as a prototype vis a vis the attached lens data sheets originally supplied by Schneider. Apparently a few were produced for the German market. Note the attached Beaulieu Lens Control Unit (LCU) regarding iris/zoom and the Beaulieu breech-lock. There are two kinds of Beaulieu breech-lock mounts, identified by different placements of the ‘locating pin’. This zoom has the pin located at six o’clock for Beaulieu 7008/9008 series cameras. The alternative would be a pin located at ten o’clock for the Beaulieu 6008 series of cameras. Check out the reference shot comparing the length of this lens relative to the "tiny" classic Beaulieu 4008 ZM II. :) Google Photo Album (original resolution): https://goo.gl/photos/r7TZJC5tKPuKsKPU9 Schneider still provides current links that reference it's origins and development, i.e. http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/fileadmin/user_upload/bu_photo_imaging/Foto-Objektive/know_how/Variogon_Zoom_Lenses.pdf http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/en/photo-imaging/product-field/photo-lenses/products/know-how/zoom-lens-variogon-and-betavaron/
  2. For sale my beloved super 8 camera Canon 1014 XLS. I shot some shorts with it. It works great and it is in great condition, It is one the best super 8 camera ever made and for me it is the best super 8 camera. variable shutter, superb zoom, quiet and accurate camera. It comes with UV filter, canon rubber lens hood, remote on-off and aluminium flightcase. Price 350 euro Photos: http://imageshack.us/g/1/10453106/ I also have some great accessories for this camera like: - angle viewfinder ( it allows to shoot the camera at the ground) 20 euro - wireless remote on-off : 15 euro - wired remote on-off with 10 meter cable extension: 10 euro - Canon 1.4X converter (MINT condition) : 40 euro photos: http://imageshack.us/g/1/10473338/
  3. Excellent camera crammed full of features, in perfect working order (tested with Tri-X), with a crystal clear lens and C8 wide lens attachment! Specifications: Model: Canon 514 XL-S Year: 1976-1983 Weight: 1500 g Lens: Canon zoom 1.4 / 9 - 45 mm Macro focusing Split Image Focusing Auto / Manual Zoom Frame rates: 18, 24 + single frame (SINGLE FRAME ONLY VIA CABLE RELEASE OR REMOTE) Shutter degree: 220 Auto Exposure - accepts ISO 25D, 40T, 100D, 160T, 160D and 250T film Aperture Lock EE Control for Backlight etc Remote control socket Auto / Manual Recording Level Control 6 X AA batteries + No separate battery for light meter Made in Japan £100 GB Pounds plus shipping from the UK. :)
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