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Found 12 results

  1. P+S TECHNIK T-REX RARE ITEM Price DROP email: omar@raw-entertainment.com $36,900 32-70mm 8-18mm 20-55mm 17-37mm 60-125mm T-REX Multidirectional System + Arri Remote Focus Serial: MLS-029 $36,900 Email: omar@raw-entertainment.com
  2. 32-70mm 8-18mm 20-55mm 17-37mm 60-125mm T-REX Multidirectional System + Arri Remote Focus Serial: MLS-029 Available at Duclos Price: $40,200 email: omar@raw-entertainment.com
  3. Hi, I'm looking for an Eumig Nautica. I would love to find one that runs at 24fps, but I'm also interested in 18fps. Is anyone selling one of this? Best.
  4. For sale: Nauticam N200 Underwater Housing for ARRI ALEXA Mini Camera - Design by Hydroflex Condition: LIKE NEW/MINT. Has only been used briefly once in a swimming pool, some items are unused and unwrapped. The housing has no wear marks and is pretty much in the same condition as when it left the factory. Purchased in June 2016 - under warranty from Nauticam. Accessories: - Optical glass dome port: Used once, in same condition as the housing. Unblemished glass - Flat port: Never used; plastic film still on front of glass - Arri WCU-4 remote control cable: Never used, still on spool - HD-SDI monitor cable: Never used, still on spool - NA-058 underwater housing for TVLogic VFM-058W: Never used, plastic film still on glass (Note: This item can be sold separately, but only after housing is sold). Other items not sold separately. This is a complete fully operational underwater housing setup for the Alexa Mini in mint condition - available now. Lead time for a new system from Nauticam factory is minimum 3 - 4 weeks. This kit can be shipped on very short notice. Reason for selling: Production cancelled Asking price: USD 21.500,- Original list price breakdown: - Nauticam Alexa Mini housing w. glass dome $19.000 - Arri cforce mini Motor Mounting Brackets $850 - 45m HD-SDI Surface Video Cable $475 - HD-SDI Bulkhead $105 - LCS Surface Cable for Alexa Mini Housing $1.315 - NA-058 Housing for TVLogic VFM-058 $2.200 - N200 Flat Port A212133 $1.550 Sum list price $25.495,00 More images: https://www.jottacloud.com/p/amundlie/05414328f0c14976a2af944f38513131 General info about housing: https://nauticam.squarespace.com/products/nauticam-alexa-mini-product-no-16133 http://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-16133.lasso
  5. Hey guys, I am very interested in entering the world of underwater camera work. I did the whole film school thing and have been working as a camera assistant in LA for 3 years now. I am SCUBA certified and I love the ocean, I actually grew up in Hawaii so I really feel more comfortable in the water than out of it! I have been trying to find a way into the underwater industry for a few months ever since I worked on a shoot that had its own underwater unit. So fascinating! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on where to start? I am planning on going into Hydroflex this weekend to chat with some people there. I have also been contemplating selling my 7D and buying a 5D with an underwater housing...thoughts? Do 5D housings get rented very often? I figure a good way to get hired might be to own some equipment? I also don't have any marketable underwater footage of my own, and I would like to put a reel together to help gain exposure. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have been looking for a good month now but found nothing in regards to the Eumig Nautica, would like to buy one as soon as possible for final major project work at university, thanks very much for your time will pay to get here as quick as possible!
  7. I am visualising a concept for a short film, but I would like to have an underwater scene where I can actually see at least half the body of a person in the water, shooting from below. I have learnt that the fish tank methods are good enough for close ups. If I need half the body to be shot underwater, I will need a very huge tank to contain the actor. I am wondering if there could be more ways to do this provided that I could not really go underwater in the ocean or a pool. Thank you for incoming suggestions.
  8. Hello there, I have a project coming up in a couple months that will involve shooting underwater (most likely in a pool). The aesthetic is rather straight forward in that I just want to create a moody top-lit sunny look and shoot from below the surface and the subject, but my approach will change based on how the sun moves over the water (if it does at all). If the location is shaded for the majority of the day, I will bring in a couple of HMIs to simulate the sun and shoot down into the water, but if the sun is already doing this naturally, I will most likely just work with that and schedule accordingly. My question is, in the event that the water is in a shaded area that needs to be lit for sunlight, how big of a unit will I need to get this effect at a decent stop (2.8+) while creating enough ambient bounce-back (can be quite contrasty). Will an Arri M18 suffice or do I need something bigger like a 4K? At the moment, we're talking about shooting Red Dragon, so we will likely rate it at 800 ISO. The concept is pretty abstract, so I'm completely ok with a fair amount of fall off. Thanks!
  9. Subal CD5 MII for Canon EOS 5 D MK II FOR SALE $3,000.00 as is, shipping not included. Minimal use. Great condition. Used in conjunction with production of Academy Award-Winning Director Louie Psihoyos' (The Cove, 2009) next film on mass extinction, "6". Trailer here: Posted here to wetpixel.com first. Will post on eBay tomorrow. Please contact daniel@opsociety.org with inquiries. Happy to send more photos and/or details. More gear on sale coming soon!
  10. I've been working with an underwater photographer on developing a spec idea. It would be about creating the Cover Catalog photos and promotional video for a fictional clothing line, RENQVIST. Much of the original prep work can be seen in my evernote. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s195/sh/f0166ea2-7f53-4f3f-95e2-3237f2effdcb/abc02fd462d7d4814e324e62b9f53e70 I've even created a rough sketch of the concept by recutting a great video I saw on vimeo. https://vimeo.com/76786516 Password: renqvist Having taken the project this far, I realize I very much need the help of a seasoned Underwater DP, to figure out the lighting and shooting requirements. NOW I'm stuck. Where are people like this? I've done some unsatisfactory searching and thought to ask the community here. How do start sourcing a DP for spec work, if I don't have many connections? Especially, when I want to do something as specialized as shooting underwater. Any help/constructive advice/constructively telling me I'm insane is appreciated.
  11. Hi, im shooting a documentary the next weekend and Im doing some scenes underwater (its about a triathlete) I was wondering if using some kino flo lights (outside the pool, obviously) would help? the pool is outdoors but i bet it will be cloudy. im gonna rent 2 o 3 kino flos anyway for that day so i wasnt sure if i needed them for the pool scene. My second question is about the filters, do i need a red filter on camera or on the lights? That day i would be using: Canon 7d and 60d tokina 11-16 canon 50mm 1.4 canon 24-70 4 GoPro hero 3 black edition dicapac underwater case (other cases are way too expensive) 3x kino flo lights i hope you can help me sorry about my english if I said something wrong gracias!
  12. Very Rare Super 16mm high speed camera package for sale. Camera shoots up to 200 fps! The Milliken's reliability has earned it the highest rating by cinematographers and assistant cameramen worldwide. Picture quality is exceptional at all speeds, made possible by the unique Milliken pin-registered intermittent movement. The register pin stops the film and locks it during exposure. The result of this unique movement is sharpness and steadiness that meets the highest Film and TV Industry standards. This camera has been used on multiple award winning surf films and by some of the worlds best water cinematographers. This is a complete package that comes with 2 lenses, water housing, heavy duty travel bag, and much more! I hate to let this gem go. It's very rare to find a complete S16 mint package of these cameras. - High Speed Super 16mm Milliken DBM 4C Camera • C-Mount re-centered for Super 16 • Camera aperture opened up to Super 16 specifications: (.295 x .492) • Original camera timing light assembly removed. • Camera rewired for RCA power plug. • Intermittent film movement & sprocket rollers modified for single perf. film operation • 2 Batteries • Charger • 3 Shutter Speed Options: 72° (installed), 140°, 160° • 8 200ft. Empty Film Rolls • 7 400 ft. Film Cans • 64, 200fps Motor Installed - Additional 128, 400fps Motor Included • Custom Built External On/Off Switch for easy use out of water - SPL Water Housing This professional housing is constructed of ultra light- weight aluminum, sheared and formed on a sheet metal press brake and then welded solid by a certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt- water corrosion. The housing is painted with an industrial powder coat paint. Depth rating is 15-20ft. This housing can handle any size surf you have the nuts to swim into. • On/Off Switch • Dual side detachable handles - Milliken Boresight in Original Wooden Box - Porta Brace Camera Bag It's made from 1000 denier Cordura fabric with a comfortable suede shoulder strap. The lightweight, rigid-frame design provides maximum protection for your camera and accessories, and comfortable carrying for you. - Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 17-85mm 1:2 Lens Super sharp and fast zoom lens. Vignettes slightly at the wide end. Viewfinder Included to use camera on land with visual focus and zoom capability. Clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. The zoom lever is missing but doesn't effect the lenses operation at all. - Computar 12.5mm 1:1.3 Lens Sharp, Wide, and Fast. Covers the Super 16mm frame easily. Very clean cosmetics, clean optics, no fungus, no separation, no haze, no oil on the aperture blades. The focus runs smoothly. UV filter.
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