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Found 13 results

  1. Hope everyone is staying safe. Kindly let me know if this has been discussed before or not suitable for this section. I was going through a blog by one DOP and he had to shoot inside a church . There were two possibilities, one to throw lights from outside or to place them inside and match direction, intensity etc. However, due to budget constraints he couldn’t rig the lights inside and placed them outside. Now in the parallel dolly shot (with windows) every light was visible but as the windows were closed it didn’t look completely unnatural. Coincidentally the director liked that shot a
  2. Hello everyone, I have a TVC coming up and could use some lighting tips regarding a day interior (living room and kitchen) (pics attached). My question is how (or if) to utilize the natural light from the windows. More specifically how should I decide between the amount of natural light to use vs. using artificial lights. Or whether to even use natural light and just go artificial keep everything controllable. I have a sizable budget so have the freedom to bring in any lights I'd need and to pre-rig. It's an open white walled space so light will spill anywhere and while it needs
  3. Hello everyone! As jobs get bigger, the need for a floorplan software gets bigger. What kind of software are you using? And on which platform are you working?
  4. I wanted to share a problem I recently encountered on a feature I shot in May/June of 2017. This website is a great resource to search for solutions to film specific problems and I feel my experience with G Drives, partition maps, formatting, and Red Undead can help others who may end up in the same situation. I will go in depth on what I learned and end with a simple tutorial on how to fix the problem. Detailed Story The production I was shooting decided to have post-production be a Windows OS based workflow. Per usual, I checked in with the post-team to figure out their OS and togeth
  5. Hello, I'm working as a gaffer for a student film this January. The story is a drama/thriller that follows a man who dies and becomes trapped in a sort of limbo state of being. It's dark. It's fantasy. Our budget is very modest, but I'm very interested in using half hampshire on the windows for all day interior scenes - I love the blur it gives. However, those scenes make up only 30% of the film and the rest is night interiors. I'm wondering, can hampshire be used on windows at night to any great effect? I've looked into using dirty water and a spray bottle, but I imagine it will lack
  6. Do the table or desktop lamps in shots have a particular purpose? What is the typical purpose of those lights in frame cinematographers use them for? Once I noticed them turned on almost all the time, I now can't stop doing it. Sometimes one or more are turned off. I would also like to know whether DPs like to mix light, especially artificial light and daylight, and why, since this is something I thought was ugly and should be avoided. It seems it's quite the reverse. In the end, light coming through a window and through a curtain – is it almost always filtered through somethin
  7. I have an upcoming shoot where I want to cast some light through a window to crate a shaft to look like it's coming from a street lamp outside. The windows are quite small (about 5ft tall, 6ft wide) and are frosted with a texture to them. I'm worried about how well the light will travel through them as I don't want it to just distort and glow, I'm after more of a shaft to give us some background and bring the night light into the room. I'm planning on using a 1.2 HMI and rigging it high outside with some atmos in the room, does anyone have experience with this and know if the frost might
  8. Hello everybody, I do not have a great knowledge on diffusions so I hope to find some answers here. I'll have to shoot inside a room during the morning but It's gonna have to look like dusk, or as close to it as I can. The room I'll shoot in has 2 windows, one facing north, the other facing east. What's the best kind of diffusion I can put on the windows to soften/spread the light to simulate a dusk look?I'm maybe also planning on putting some ND on the windows. Thanks so much in advance to everybody, Davide
  9. Revamped Interface Offers Enhanced User Experience; Now Available on Android and Windows WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (May 28, 2015) - Panavision has released a new and groundbreaking version of its popular PANASCOUT application. Adopted by industry professionals as an essential creative tool during preproduction, PANASCOUT was the first application to allow capturing and sharing of images encoded with the crucial metadata needed on location scouts. PANASCOUT is available for free on all mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows platforms. A wide range of intuitive functions and a redesig
  10. I'm a student cinematographer in Cape Town and I am doing a paper lighting with the following question: How can I light a evening dinner scene with 10 people around the table at night. Shooting at day time with two windows letting sunlight in. I have an idea it has got something to do with mixing colour temperatures... Do note we are not permitted to black out the windows.
  11. In a film that I will be shooting soon, one of the locations is an upstairs bedroom. The room is fairly small, and very white and we are scheduled to film at night. There is £400 in the budget for cinematography. We already have access to 2x 650w and 1x 300w Fresnel lights and Canon C300. The room has blinds and I want to make it seem like moonlight is coming through them. Could anyone help me figure out the logistics of this? Thank you!
  12. I was watching the new show Almost Human on FOX the other day and liked the look of the interior car scenes. What caught my eye at first was the way the windows reflected the outside atmosphere speeding by. It looks as though they are shooting through the car windows on a sound stage with some sort of rear projection (possible big digital projectors) simulating the fast moving background. Guessing they used a polarizer to fine tune the reflections. Any thoughts on how they achieved this look? How did they get the reflections on the car windows? Big massive digital projectors on ea
  13. I'm a camera assistant, working mostly with Alexa, F3 and the occasional Epic/Scarlett. I've got an old 2009 Windows Laptop which has expresscard 34 and esata but only one USB 3 port. And not much of a battery life. I'm looking to upgrade to something better, but Apple hasn't ever really released something that attracts me, and it doesn't look like they ever will. I've done a lot of research, and it looks like the Lenovo Thinkpad T430s with i7 is the only laptop in the world with Express Card 34, 2 x USB 3, and Thunderbolt! It also has the capability for multiple hotswap batteries, sec
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