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Found 4 results

  1. I have shot with the Zeiss Super Speeds mkII on three short films in the past. I have always rented from bigger rental companies such as Keslow, BeCine etc. From what I have gathered, you can get the mkII both coated and uncoated, and every time I rented them from the bigger vendors they ask if I want with or without coating. I always choose with coating as I like the look better. Especially for the type of projects I do. For my upcoming shoot, I'm choosing them again, but this time I'm renting them from Sharegrid. I have messaged most of the owners, asking if they are coated or uncoated, but none of them knows. Some list "it has the magical T coating", but I don't know if that means a different coating or the regular coating? Anyway, due to low budget, I want to rent the ones with the cheapest price (due to budget restrictions), but none of them seems to have a clue if they are coated or not. So I guess my question is: Is it true that you can get coated and uncoated for the mkII version? When I research this online, it seems like people refer to the uncoated version as the mkI version (B-speeds) not mkII. Also, is there anyway to figure out if they are coated or not by just looking at them? They won't let me test the lenses, but I could stop to have a look. Thanks
  2. Hi yall. As title says, I have a couple Superspeed singles available, for those of you who need to replace a broken lens, complete a Superspeed set, or maybe complement a set of Standard Speeds. 25mm T1.3 Mk2 Superspeed: Has some scratches on outer surface of the rear element, but in testing the lens out I have seen no effects on image quality...the lens is still sharp as heck. Only thing that can really be seen in terms of effects is some diagonal streak effects to the flare when a light is shone directly towards the lens. That's it. If you want to get the lens back to 100%, Duclos has some rear elements in stock for 25mm Mk2's, and they quoted me $1500 plus $150 for installation and re-collimation. Aside from these issues with the rear element, the rest of the glass is perfect. Focus ring is starting to get a little stiff so it could use a standard lube job eventually, but it's plenty usable as is for now. 85mm T1.3 Mk2 Superspeed: Optics are pretty much perfect. No problems with the glass whatsoever. Focus ring is quite stiff however, so it could use a standard CLA. Ridiculously sharp lens, tested it out on my Z6 and it's easy to see why it's so loved. Prices: 25mm Mk2 Superspeed: $9000 85mm Mk2 Superspeed: $10000 All prices include shipping and paypal fees. Pics:
  3. You all know that I hate reels but after much consideration I ended up making one. Now, I have no idea whether is good or not but I do think that it is tailored to narrative work and maybe it would help somebody when cutting their reel! It took me 4 months to find the song I thought that represented me a bit and cutting the reel has been a great way to realise even more that I just want to shoot wonderful human stories instead of commercials. Also.. I just graduated from college (believe it or not ??)
  4. 1 year ago I had a chance to meet a director, Jota Aronak, I had been a fan of since I started studying cinema when I was a youngster. I couldn’t believe that I was going to, finally, meet up with a person that I was a great fan of! Some days after that meeting he asked me to shoot a super small commercial for him and I was terrified because I thought: “Oh my God! HE wants me to shoot something for him, I can’t believe it!” So I was in super “FML” mode because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to deliver what he wanted. I was! And since then I have been on a journey of learning how to shape my aesthetics to every project that he has asked me to be part of and this commercial we shot in Madrid and Malaysia in October is the latest one we have done together. We shot for 3 days in Madrid and 5 days in Malaysia, even though the Malaysian part is a really small part of the story. Budget was small and almost everything was shot with natural and available light. The agency and the client were very nice and they let us shoot things our way, that is, with a lot of texture / grain and in a improvised way in some cases / scenarios. On the first day and second day in Madrid we had loads of sequences to shoot but we found time to look for other things that weren't scripted and a lot of them ended up in the commercial! The premiere of the commercial campaign was last Thursday in one of the oldest cinemas in Madrid called Capitol and the commercial will be on the cinemas till February 2018. The 30" and 45" versions will be on TV till the end of 2018. Anyways, here we go! Divina Pastora - The Other Economy Hope you like it! Have a lovely day!
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