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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! The end is near, isn’t it? With RunwayML, you can either create a video by typing a description or by uploading an image. The results are very mixed. These are the two best results that I managed to get out of the free version (hence the watermark and the short length): Created based on my textual description: Created based on an image that I created with Dall-E: So, what‘s next on the AI-roadmap? So far, I have been chatting with ChatGPT (including ChatGPT creating a whole script for me), creating images with Dall-E and StableDiffusion, played around with various „text to speech“-tools and a „text to song“-tool, then created useless videos with Synthesia and other „text to video“-tools, … . When it continues like this, then pretty soon, I can type in a few keywords and have an AI tool doing the rest…
  2. As we all know, ai technology is changing our daily life now when it was generally spread and used by people all around the world in the very beginning of 2023. Some people even start to worry about whether their jobs will be replaced by ai in the future or not. As for me, a young cinematographer, I've been thinking this question a lot of times. It is interesting to listen to ChatGPT-4 and let's look how does it answer this question as below: As a cinematographer, embracing AI technology like ChatGPT and Midjourney can greatly enhance your creative process and workflow. Here are some ways to confront and integrate AI tools into your profession: Creative collaboration: Use AI tools to generate ideas, prompts, or even develop storyboards. These tools can provide you with fresh perspectives or unique concepts that you might not have considered before. Pre-visualization: AI can help you visualize scenes or locations before shooting. With tools like Midjourney, you can create concept art or mood boards to better understand the desired look and feel of your project. Time and resource management: AI tools can help you optimize your shooting schedule and resources, making your production more efficient. Learning and development: AI technology is continually evolving, and staying updated with the latest advancements can help you understand and adapt to new techniques, tools, and trends in the industry. Enhance communication: AI tools can help bridge the gap between different departments in a film production. For example, they can facilitate communication between cinematographers, directors, and other crew members by creating visual references or translating ideas into a visual format. Post-production: AI tools can assist with tasks like color grading, visual effects, or even editing, saving you time and effort during the post-production process. Adapt and evolve: Embrace AI technology as a tool to complement your skills and expertise rather than viewing it as a threat. AI can augment your creative process but cannot replace the artistic vision and intuition of a human cinematographer. In summary, confronting AI technology in cinematography involves integrating these tools to enhance and streamline your creative process, stay updated with industry advancements, and optimize production efficiency. Embrace AI as a valuable resource that complements your skills and experiences, allowing you to create visually stunning and impactful projects. What I write above is only for reference. I'm happy to talk about this with you guys!
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