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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm traveling to South Korea for possibly 2 years & was curious to know if anyone has had any experience working overseas in an Asian country. Was the language barrier an issue when finding work? Would foreign production companies be willing to hire foreign cinematographers? Any general advice? Thanks
  2. I'm a DoP based in Beijing, China. Big film industry here too :p
  3. Hi guy has been a few years since i put together a new reel , well here it is https://vimeo.com/169081052 its about 50/50 Alexa and Epic. Best, Wade Muller (HKSC) www.wademullerdp.com
  4. IDT Y5 HDiablo high speed camera for sale. Well taken care of, only used by me. A 2k res camera for the budget conscious. Please see the showreel link below IDT Y5 Diablo is cinematic high speed to the next level. Starting with the scientific-industrial standards, the cameras are enhanced with a cleaner image, less noise and improved algorithms for superior video output. Independent HDMI and Pixel Pipeline provide constant monitoring and real time image adjustment while YiFi enables wireless control via mobile computing devices such as iPad and iPhone. HDiablo enclosures are specially built to better fit in the rigs needed for film sets. Y5HD surpasses shooting high definition providing a 2560x1920 image at 640 frames per second at max resolution and even faster at reduced resolutions. Extra Accessories included/thrown in: Y series Battery (attached to right of camera in the pictures) Nikon and PL lens mounts Power unit 2x lemo power cables Handle Trigger cable Carrying case Software dongle Extra ethernet cables Hawk Woods v mount battery plate with lemo connector for extended field use. Here's a showreel shot totally the IDT y5 Hdiablo https://vimeo.com/66530094 Looking at US$23K for the whole package, excluding shipping and willing to ship to anywhere in the world.
  5. https://vimeo.com/66794565 Hello! Thanks for watching my showreel. Pete Smthsuth Bangkok, Thailand // petesmiths@gmail.com
  6. TL;DR--the right clothing for a job. Sorry for the long post. I may be shooting a film in Thailand sometime in the next year (the producer is a good friend with a great track record, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up--funding for indie features being what it is). Pretty much the entire shoot will take place in a rice paddy with ankle deep water (a group of refugees are trapped in a mine field for much of the film). The producer knows the terrain, and says it'll be very hot and humid (I trust we'll be scheduling around the monsoon season, but I'm including quality rain gear in my must have list). Most tourist guides assume I'll be shopping on main street, not climbing around a rice paddy. We likely will not shoot during the hottest 3-4 hours in the middle of the day, but still--this is the tropics, probably during early Fall. So I'm looking for clothes to protect from sun, rain, insects, and water, and hold up under a lot of physical work. Hats and footwear are of special concern. I've found some hiking guides that help, but I'm looking for specific recommendations on hats, waterproof footwear, shirts, pants, etc. Also, any helpful items I'm missing. The part of the country we'd be visiting is fairly old fashioned. I've read that most Thai are pretty easygoing but I want to put my best foot forward. I've read shorts are considered sort of tacky (they denote physical laborers) but since I'll be doing physical labor, maybe that's not a problem? I'll have light, conservative clothes for city shooting and off days. My colleagues who grew up there will keep me from looking like a fool, but I'd like a non-local visitor's viewpoint as well. My girlfriend thinks this hat is stupid: http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/mens/mens-outerwear/mens-hats-mens-gloves/64108.aspx I could be away for as long as two months, so anything I bring has to be durable and washable. I don't want to look like an ignorant tourist, or a rich jerk. Simple is best. Other advice on working in this environment is welcome. Aside from learning a bit of the language, I need to: -look up proper vaccinations -get prescription sunglasses, ha -find a lightweight belt or harness to keep tools, lenses, and media out of the muck (I'll have an AC, but anything we can do to make our production lighter and easier to move about is a good thing--I'm sure we'll be hiking to some locations where carts will be impractical.
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