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  1. Thanks a lot Alex! that was an informative response. I was gonna shoot at a lower ISO with the BMPCC 4K so I was thinking of using the practical then lighting my subject with a china ball. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, I'm looking to shoot a night interior scene and had a few questions about practical bulbs. 1. Is there a specific brand of bulbs that will work best? Or you can recommend? 2. Whats an ideal wattage for the bulb? 2. Do frosted bulbs work better? 4. Do I have to worry about tungsten bulbs flickering? 5. Is a dimmer necessary? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm traveling to South Korea for possibly 2 years & was curious to know if anyone has had any experience working overseas in an Asian country. Was the language barrier an issue when finding work? Would foreign production companies be willing to hire foreign cinematographers? Any general advice? Thanks
  4. Just curious Joshua, I'm interested in traveling to Asia for possibly 2 years and was curious to know how its like working overseas as a cinematographer. Was it difficult finding work due to a language barrier?
  5. Agreed. I kinda made the amateur mistake of investing way too much on rigs and lens straight out the gate.
  6. Someone actually recommended this. Any possible recommendations?
  7. Hi, I'm currently saving up to purchase a light meter but until then would an external monitor with false color reading be a suitable substitute? Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm still saving up to purchase a light meter but was curious to know if I could use a monitor with false color as a substitute until then. I know the importance of a light meter but could a false color
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