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  1. Lighting Rentals in China 北京市北二环小街桥旁歌华大厦A, B1层, 102 A b1 102,Gehua Tower, No.1 Qinglong Bystreet, Dongcheng District, Beijing, P.R.C . Post Code: 100007 WeChat: JoshuaRLin joshua@quasarscience.cn
  2. I've got a few questions on it. I sent them to your website's email. but just in case 1. will you be adding quasar, DS, SGC, Creamsource, or HIVE lights to it 2. i think the lightstorm 300d might have an error 3. could you show the output numbers so we can compare ours 4. will you be adding the output from LEDs' builtin gels
  3. A lot of people thought the Drake 'Cellphone' Music Video evoked a Turrell feeling. James Turrell exhibitions imo are so cool. I've seen quite a few Light Sculpture pieces and there's a bunch on instagram, ie #lightart or with events light the copenhagen light festival. Turrell pieces are particularly enjoyable to me because he is creating an experience of mood and colors, not so much about making it about the light. But I also enjoyed a piece by a Chinese artist who directly placed fluorescents on stands to make a larger statement.
  4. I actually think about this A LOT haha. I use the Quasar Qlions frequently. A lot of the dialogue we have with them starts with someone seeing them and immediately saying 'those would make great eye lights'. But they are very bright so it can become a liability if you don't want it to be too present as a front facing light. One solution I had for it, during a travel show shooting T2.8 was to put two layers of diffusion in front with the lights touching the diffusion so they still appear as individual linear eye lights.
  5. looks great to me @Justin Hayward btw i think he spells it Pfister
  6. I just bought it after seeing Luke Seerveld talk about it. I think it is quite a cool. I'd like to see it developed further, but it is definitely a cool start.
  7. over 90 percent of films in mainland china are shot on arri digital cameras. barely anyone shoots film in mainland china. there apparently is a small lab in beijing film academy, but those who aspire to shoot film here nowadays often plan to use labs in europe or japan. doyle shot in the mood for love and chungking express in hk, great/iconic films.
  8. I'm a DP based in Asia. I have hopes to work on Hollywood films, especially those who shoot in Asia. So, I'm interested in getting into the Local 600, and was wondering if my days outside the US can be counted towards the 100 days needed.
  9. I'm a DoP based in Beijing, China. Big film industry here too :p
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