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  1. Hey guys! I was hoping if any of you kind souls are willing to assist me on this! There's a huge lack of support over here in Singapore so I'm venturing out into the unknown! So I'm currently building a set of 16mm Kern Switars! I have my own set of Bolex H16 Rex 4. From what I understand, I am able to convert the sensor for the H16 Rex 4 from a 16mm sensor size to a Super 16mm sensor size. I'd love to do that! However, may I check if anyone knows this? Will these lenses cover the Super 16mm format? KERN SWITAR RX Primes 10mm H16RX F1.6 KERN SWITAR RX Primes 16mm H16RX F1.8 KERN MACRO-SWITAR RX Primes 26mm H16RX F1.1 KERN MACRO-SWITAR RX Primes 50mm H16RX F1.4 KERN MACRO-SWITAR RX Primes 75mm H16RX F1.9 I'm also on the hunt for a Kern Macro 50mm F1.4 H16RX. So please reach out to me if you're keen on selling 🙂 Really do appreciate it!
  2. Hello Bolex community, I just bought a Bolex H16 Rex 1 camera on Ebay. The seller said it had been last serviced 15 years ago by Super16Inc and last used 12 years ago. The camera looks to be in good condition and the seller said it runs well without film. It came with a pair of Switar lenses: 16mm non RX and 25mm RX. Both appear to be in good condition. I've been researching maintenance and understand that I should have the camera professionally checked out, cleaned,and lubricated after this much time. Being the current caretaker of this fine camera, I want to make sure it's well maintained. I have not attempted to use the camera, but I did finish unwinding the motor and disengaged it. I've read forum posts from many years ago about CLA recommendations, but several repair people have since retired. Can someone please suggest a good place to send my camera these days? David
  3. After years of B&W still photography I wandered into the "movies" two years ago and am loving the new craft of regular 8mm and DS8 exclusively shooting fomapan r-100. I am well aware of the extraordinary reputation of the Bolex H16 and am hoping to learn if everything that makes the H16 a great series of cameras (build, registration, reliability, longevity) are built into the H8 series as well. I don't need a reflex. I don't need sound. I currently shoot with Quarz DS8's (2x8s 1M and ds8-3) and don't mind the smaller format of regular 8. I like the Meteor lenses but am really looking forward to using the dedicated Bolex lenses. Thanks in advance and apologies if I haven't found an existing thread.https://vimeo.com/770504716
  4. Hello all! A few weeks ago, I put my first test roll through my new Bolex EBM camera. Unfortunately, it turned out the shutter and claw system were completely out of sync. I took it upon myself to do the repair as I couldn't not afford to send it for a general overhaul and fix abroad. I've spent many weeks going through the repair manual and reading plenty of helpful posts on this forum, to understand how the system operates before I even try to disassemble it. I got the right tools and after some time, I think I've managed to perfect it. Here are links to some slow mo footage of film passing through the system: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/1zNsxUi_lp0 (the first second when the film is passing through the gate, you can see the film move as the shutter is open, but that's only as the film is not yet engaged with the sprockets and claws, once it engages, it seems to properly stabilise). https://www.youtube.com/shorts/jiuQj3iaar8 I was wondering does this now seem to be properly in sync? Obviously I'll have to have another test roll shot and developed before any conclusions but I was wondering what's your opinion just by looking at the footage above. Many Thanks!
  5. Hi folks, Probably a dumb question, but thought I'd ask... Is it normal for the H16 shutter to stop in a slightly open position? The camera runs and advances film smoothly, but it always stops with the shutter slightly open (see pic). This is an older H16 Reflex, without the variable shutter. I suspect it has been mistimed by a previous owner, but I'm new to Bolex. Appreciate any insight from experienced users. Tom
  6. Hi all, I wanted to share what I've done with my Bolex EBM regarding the battery and maybe help any other people out there. I've done a lot of searching online, but I realised I would love to power it from a V lock type battery, for ease of use. I purchased a SmallRig battery plate (SmallRig Battery Adapter Plate 3204). I went for this one as it wasn't too expensive and after sending them an email, confirmed that the outputs on the plate are regulated (as the Bolex EBM requires 12V). Another benefit of this plate is that it has a power button, meaning the you don't need to get a cable with a switch to power on/off the camera. The button makes it much cleaner too. The plate was screwed on the back of the camera. This required a bit of modding and making the existing holes on the back of the camera a bit bigger (took me 3 minutes to do this). I made a custom cable, using a simple 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC barrel plug, and a Amphenol Tuchel connector (T 3475 005). Pin 3 is +12V and pin 4 is ground. This connector is really well made and fits perfectly with the camera, worth it in my opinion. Once the cable was made, I simply plugged it into the 12V output on the plate, and the camera works perfectly. Currently I'm planning on adding a small monitor and a small video assist as well, which will both be powered from the 12V outputs on the battery itself with a Dtap cable. The only drawback with this method is that you in reality need to use a video tap, as the viewfinder is blocked by the battery/plate. With a smaller plate and battery, it could have probably been avoided. So far I'm quite happy with this setup!
  7. Hello everyone, i recently acquired a bolex H16 rex-5 that is in need of some servicing. I reached out to Jean- Louis Segin in hopes he could do it but unfortunately is no longer taking on new clients. He did however refer me to another technician in Ontario. Has anyone had any work done by TJ Ediger?
  8. I really haven't seen much 16mm Ektachrome footage out in the world so I wanted to share this film I shot earlier this year. Filmed in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the Summer of 2022. Shot on a Bolex Rex 5 with turret mounted 10mm, 25mm, and 75mm Kern-Switar lenses. I lugged around a 15lb pelican case in on the week-long ~25mi canoe trip in the deep backwoods of northern MN so some of the shots are less planned out (and shakier) than others. I need to figure out a lightweight tripod system in the future. Full disclosure I've only shot reversal a handful of times so the exposure was not as tight as it could have been. I shot 5 rolls of fresh Ektachrome 100D (ordered directly from kodak). I metered with my Sekonic L-308B which limited me to incident metering. In the future I'd like to upgrade to a spot meter so I can more accurately meter landscapes. I received a flat raw 6K scan from thenegative.space and did final color in Davinci Resolve. It was an HDR scan (which comes standard now) which gave more dynamic range in the shadows/highlights which is especially useful for reversal. That said, I still probably pushed the film in color a bit more than I would have liked which is why you'll notice more noise on some shots than others. I also lost a bit of resolution in my 4:3 crop to reduce the edge framing. It's all a learning experience! Each new project is an opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.
  9. I would like to create a 3D model of a H16 Bolex in order to create animations that allow camera movements navigating and traversing all the internal and external elements of the Bolex. I'd like to make it perfectly accurate and am therefore searching for the measurements of every single component in addition to material properties so that I can use real-time physics in the animations. I guess the model could also be used by those looking to fix, repair or service these cameras. Does anybody know if this has already been done or could you point me in the direction of resources, schematics and such? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello, I have 3 packages of 16mm cameras to sell. They are supposed to be sold as a sets, but I will also consider offers if someone would like to buy a lens or camera separately. Cameras are located in Warsaw, Poland. SET NR 1: 1. Camera: - Bolex EBM Super16 2. Lenses: (all those lenses were serviced, lubricated and collimated. All covers Super16 format) - Kern Vario Switar POE 16-100mm F/1.9 - Switar 10mm f/1.6 - Switar 16mm f/1.8 - Switar 25mm f/1.4 3. Accessories: - 2x 400ft mags and 1x MM motor for 400ft mag - Battery charger - Power grip + power grip battery (I don't think it needs re-celling, never had a problem with it) - Remote control cable - Battery container - 7 filter frames with filters (ND 0,6, ND 0,9, ND 1,2, 85/ND 0,9, 85B/ND 0,3, 85, 85B) - Set of Kodak wratten gelatine filters and ND gelatine filters - Bolex bayonet to C-mount adapter - Bolex bayonet to Nikon adapter - 4x 200ft spools - 2x100ft spools - Metal case Here are a few shots made with that camera throughout the last three months: Asking price: 4500 euro SET NR 2: 1. Camera: - Bolex SB Regular16 2. Lenses: - Angenieux 12-120mm f/2.2 Cameflex mount - Angenieux 12-120mm f/2.2 Bolex bayonet mount (this one has glasses in perfect condition, but it needs some collimating. I can arrange it in Poland, before shipping) - Angenieux 12-240mm f/3.5 Cameflex mount 3. Accessories: - Bolex MST motor and battery pack - Pistol grip - Bolex RX-Fader - Bolex bayonet to cameflex mount adapter - 2x100ft spools - Metal case Asking price: 2500 euro SET NR 3: 1. Camera: - Krasnogorsk-3 2. Lens: - METEOR-5-1 17-69mm f/1.9 3. Accessories: - Filters - Lightmeter - Pistol grip - Bag Here a few shots made with that Krasnogorsk and 30 years old ORWO stock (I was surprised that anything came out of it): If you will have any questions or you would like me to send you photos of the cameras, please contact me by email: janbujnowski1@gmail.com Thanks!
  11. looking for a list (and recommendations) for zoom lenses with finder attachments for non-reflex bolexes. thanks.
  12. I recently purchased a Kern Switar 10mm f1.4 lens, which appears to be in good condition, for use on my Bolex EBM with a c mount adapter. However, when mounting this lens I encountered a strange problem where it would only focus at extremely close distances and leaves the rest out of focus. Seems like this lens is not in such great shape after all but wondering if anyone knows a fix? Thanks for any help!
  13. Hi fellow cinematographers, I'm looking for the (somewhat hard to find) 26mm Kern Switar Preset lens in the final black version with multicoated glass. I need the optics to be in a good shape but body doesn't matter that much. I desperately need to complete my lens set. I'm looking for anyone that has this lens but I'd prefer to buy from someone in Europe/EU (that would be perfect!) or the UK. But I'm open to discussing importing it from US as well. Please message me here on the forums so we can eventually discuss the sale in more detail. Thank you very much for any leads on this! Marek
  14. I recently picked up a Bolex EBM that a friend had had sitting in storage for a few decades. All the pieces seem to be together and carefully stored and kept (pictured below). The 2 cell batteries I have seem to go with the power grip. The issue is I don’t know which end is positive and which is negative and I’ve heard using the wrong end can blow the fuse. I’m wondering how to best test the camera’s electronics with the equipment I have? There is a charger and multiple power sources but I’m unsure of how to safely use and test any of it. As mentioned, the equipment has supposedly been well maintained and used very lightly. I’m unsure, however, if deterioration may have occurred with time and if I should invest in repairs and new parts. Anyone have any insights? Any help would be immensely appreciated
  15. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on setting up my Bolex H16RX5 with a custom anamorphic setup (russian Helios taking lens + Isco Widescreen projection lens + SLR Magic Rangefinder for single focus). In case anyone is interested in this, I will update this post as I continue testing. As of now, I managed to fit the lens without much hassle using a C to EF adapter. No focus issues so far, close focus to infinity seem to work just fine. Will have to find a more secure way of mounting the rods though, but that shouldn't be an issue either. Before I can shoot some tests, I'll have to finish my video assist setup in order to actually see a desqueezed image (http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=15423). Will keep you guys posted!
  16. Hi everyone, I recently bought a Bolex Rex 4 and wanted to get it serviced and converted to a super 16. I've been trying to get a response from Bolex.com for months and sent numerous emails but with no success. I have also tried calling their number but instantly get cut off as if the phone number was not in use. The website says that their site is under construction but that they are still repairing and converting despite covid. Has anyone had any luck hearing from them lately?? Thanks!
  17. Hey y'all, this is my first time posting anything so apologies if I'm not in the right spot. A while ago I got my hands on a Bolex H16 in the naive hopes of upgrading from Super 8. I'm a big fan of film photography, and since I've started working the local indie scene I've been trying to convince a few of my peers to get to work on a 16 project. I've been doing some reading and it seems like, outside of hobbyist work or cannibalizing them for spare parts, non-Reflex H16s are pretty much useless. Sure, I could fork over $2,000+ for a Rex model and get exactly what I need for framing, and even kit it out with a monitor and several other bells/whistles; but my current budget can't support that (really it can't support 16 in general, but I'm already this far). I figure the next best thing to do would be to sack up and buy a K3, because it can do pretty much everything I need, plus I'd be able to buy motors/video taps for it. For the time being, since I've got this camera (which only cost me around $100), I'm considering doing some crazy DIY hackjobs with it and seeing if I can develop anything somewhat useful. Does anyone know if I can get any use out of this thing, besides an Ultra 16 conversion? I've got some wild ideas, but I don't wanna start tearing this thing to shreds without any guidance. I'm no expert when it comes to the mechanical side of this camera, so any help would be appreciated.
  18. Bolex Anamorphot Lens 16/32/1.5x This hard-to-find BOLEX MUELLER 16/32/1.5x Anamorphic lens with holder for H16 Bolex cameras is in nice condition...I don't think it was used very much. Cosmetically it looks great, with no “brassing” to the black parts. The glass is clean, the front element has a small scratch, maybe 1/4” long, off toward one side. The rear element has some very slight fogging around the edges Lens serial number is 768491 The leather case is in fair to good condition, with a bit of wear inside but looking nice outside. The parallax compensating viewfinder seems to function as it should, but could benefit from some cleaning. The chrome plated pin at the front mount has a bit of rust and chrome loss. This set includes the lens and mounting hardware, front lens cap, leather case, and viewfinder, as shown. Everything will be securely packaged, padded and double boxed for shipment. I will ship within the USA only. I do not claim to be an expert on photographic equipment. Although I have described this lens as accurately as I can, it is nonetheless a used item, and I must sell it As Is, with no returns. $1000.00. I can take PayPal, but I prefer Postal Money Order. If you are local to the Dallas, TX area we can meet in person (cash.) If you are seriously interested, contact me with your zip code and I'll determine the shipping charges and we'll take it from there. Thanks, Henry www.auldooly.com
  19. Hello I just came across a Bolex h8 and was wondering if I could shoot 16mm with it? Assuming I put on the turret plate from a broken h16 Rex onto the h8 Rex, would I be good to shoot 16mm or would I have to do something with the sprockets, are the perforations different? Thanks!
  20. Hello there! I have a broken Rex 4 with a non workin motor that doesn’t run at all but is in good condition, I was wondering if it’s possible to take off the turret plates and viewfinder off the reflex Bolex and Mount them onto a BolexH16M model
  21. Irving Klaw was the Pinup King and Bettie Page (sitting) was the Pinup Queen...of the 1950's. Selection from Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Burlesque & Stripper Archive
  22. Hi Gang - I am sure this has been asked many times before but what lenses would you recommend for a Bolex H16 Reflex (non super 16)? Currently I have a Kern-Paillard 25mm (no RX markings on it), but I was looking for something with a wider view angle. Maybe like a 10mm? Thanks a lot! Gabi
  23. Hello there! I have a broken Rex 4 with a non workin motor that doesn’t run at all but is in good condition, I was wondering if it’s possible to take off the turret plates and viewfinder off the reflex Bolex and Mount them onto a BolexH16M model
  24. Hello, (A summary of my questions are bullet pointed below the first paragraph) I am looking at buying a Bolex with the purpose of doing a few short films and music videos over the next 12 months . This will also be the first 16mm film camera I own and I good starting point before I move on to a 16sr3 advanced. I have done my research on the camera and most answers say the SBM, EBM and Rex 4 and 5 models are the best to convert to super 16. However I feel I need to ask a more basic question on what people in this forum would suggest, as I can ask more direct questions and hopefully get more specific answers. I know the basic benefits of converting to Super 16, but I'm more interested in what bolex model people would suggest is the best for the job. I could spend between £1,200-£1,500 on the camera but obviously if a cheaper option is just as good that'd be fantastic. I have seen some super 16 SBM for around $2,999 so yes! So here are my questions in summary. -What is the best model in my price range to buy to convert to super 16? -This may sound stupid but I know the issues with the beamsplitter and the widening of the viewfinder with conversion, but can a PL mount be put on the camera without it having undergone the conversion, as have read and seen people putting Zeiss super speeds on these cameras. - If the new faceplate reads bolex H super 16, what bolex model was that before the conversion (again may sound stupid). I do have more questions on the topic, but once I get a reply I may ask more ahah. I am hoping to do a project in late June this year so If anyone has any information they might think is helpful that would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Will
  25. https://www.instagram.com/p/CS2p1yePyNY/?utm_medium=copy_link Hello! I am looking to sell my century optics c Mount fisheye! -The lens is marked as a 6.5mm but when compared side by side to its brother the century 3.5mm, it’s almost the exact same! I’d say the true focal length of this lens is 4mm! -F1.8 The lens is in overall excellent condition with very clean optics, free of hazing or fungus, shows very little signs of use! I’ve never seen another like it! It’s probably the only one on the market! Don’t miss out on this amazing and rare lens!
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