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Found 4 results

  1. I’m selling: -Som Berthiot 10mm Cinor F/1.9 C Mount Lens for Bolex RX (Fully Serviced) - $200 shipping included The lens is in excellent working, cosmetic, and optical condition. Focus & aperture are smooth and the lens has no fungus or haze. It was cleaned, lubricated, and serviced by Abdul at Cinerepair last year. I am only accepting PayPal at the moment. If interested, send me a DM.
  2. Hello, everyone, This is my first time to post in this great community, I hope I am doing it in the right place. I recently purchased a fantastic Bolex H16 Rex 5 from a trusted person who was already using it for some work, and I shot my first 250 D Kodak film. The result is strange, in that in some scenes there is a kind of "phase shift" effect of the film plane... not on all takes though! Some data: I shot everything at 24 frames. I mounted a Matt Box and had two lens hoods made with a 3D printer to fit both lenses I used: A 25mm Ken Paillard Switar RX A 10mm Ken Paillard Switar RX Macro Pictured is the setup I used. The light was quite low, the film was overexposed by 2 stops when shooting (exposed at 50 ISO), maybe too much... Do any of you have any idea what might have caused this? I also checked: - The slide and the proper functioning of the shutter (although I don't think they are responsible)... Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you very much Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. Hi everyone! I am looking to purchase a Bolex Rex 5 camera body. I am interested in cameras that are already in good working condition and not so much of a “fixer-upper”. If anyone has any leads that would be much appreciated! I am NYC based and am happy to pick up within the NY area.
  4. I have a filmmaker friend who recently gave me his old Bolex H16 Reflex absolutely free over the holiday season. He has since graduated to a high-end digital setup, but said that the H16 Reflex properly cared for will give many years of service and can deliver great results for low-budget filmmakers. I'm a student, so low-budget pretty accurately describes my operation. However I'd be willing to invest in a lens that would suit my needs. I do stop-motion animation (seeking a BFA in Animation), and would like to use film for my project. The Bolex came with a pistol grip, a supplemental film magazine, cable release and a Vario Switar 18-86mm f. 25 OE lens. I'm wondering: what kind of lenses / accessories would I need to make the H16 Reflex suitable for stop motion animation? The lens I'm currently looking at is a Kern Switar 10mm f 1.6. Apologies for lack of knowledge, as I am an amateur. Thanks!
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