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Found 7 results

  1. Hello folks, I'm new on cinematography.com, i'm getting into super-8 as a member of an analog associative Photo/Cinema called ZebraLab based in Geneva : https://zebralab.info/. I am also a photographer by job. With the guys from the lab, we are/have built two machines to cut reels of Fomapan R100 DS8x30,5M to 4x S8x15M to be loaded in Lomo Reloadable Cartridge. That make it really affordable as we buy from Foma factory shop, we are around 7€ for the film and around 3€/film for processing (detail below). According to Super8Wiki, Lomo Reloadable Cartridge acts as 64T/40D -> http://su
  2. Hi everyone, First of all, my name is Zranfisco, and I’m new in this world. A few days ago I found my grandfather’s old super 8 camera (a Yashica super 825), and I have not idea of how to use it, what cartridge I have to buy and things like that. So I was looking for information in internet when I reached to your forum, and I think that I could find the help that I need, I want to be a regular super 8 user. For example, I have already found the Wein Cell’s battery that substitutes old mercury 1.3V batteries. I think that my most important question is: What cartridges I can use?
  3. Hey everyone! I've had my late grandfathers old super 8 camera and and projector sitting on my shelf for a few years now and I'm determined to make this summer the summer I actually get some use out of it. That being said I'm totally new to all of this and I'm hoping to pick some of your brains about old super 8 cameras What I have is a Bell and Howell autoload 308. By no means anything professional, but I'm hoping to breath some new life into it. I've put batteries in it and it seems to run just fine, however my biggest question is about the "electric eye" or automatic exposure featur
  4. Hello all, I just recently shot a roll of Kodak 35mm color film, 24 exposures 400 ISO, on a Canon AE-1. However, I brought the camera into a dark room to check and see if the film had been entirely used (for there have been times in the past when the film didn't catch onto the spindle) and I noticed that the film was completely severed from the cartridge. This is my first time to use this particular camera, so I'm wondering how could this happen? I thought I had rolled all the film back into the cartridge after taking all 24 exposures. Thanks, John
  5. Hello, everyone! I know there's probably a bunch of "I'm new" threads on here every so often, but I'd really appreciate it if I could get some help from the people who know this format way better than I do. I recently purchased a Canon Autozoom 518 as my first Super 8 camera. I admit that I might not have done as much research as I should have, because only now am I finding out that it only goes as high as 160 ASA. I don't think it will be a big deal to overexpose 200 ASA film by 1/3 of an f-stop, but then again, I don't really understand much about exposure and film speed. I'd be film
  6. Hi, I recently bought some bulk super 8 film from Wittner and a reloadable super-8 cartridge. And when practicing loading with dead film, I'm struggling to get the super-8 to run smoothly through my camera, as Wittner cartridges does not come with the copper ring used to keep the film in place. I think they have replaced the copper ring with a clear plastic larger ring (seen in the photo, inside the cartridge on the right) that is suposed to keep the film (on the receiving side of the cartridge) in place some how? Here is a photo of everything supplied with the cartridge: Please
  7. Hi Folks, I am wondering what is the Super 8 cartridge pressure pad weight (in grams). Do you have any info regarding those rare figures? Also, may the polyester based new stocks cause problems in Super 8 cameras? Is any adjustment necessary for the pressure pad weight for thinner polyester film? Thank you very much for any info! Erkan
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