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Found 8 results

  1. For Sale Really nice set of Cooke Mini S4i lenses 18,25,32.50,75 &100mm Asking $32,200.00They come in shipping cases.Just back from Abel Cine for pre-sale check and they are all in really good shape optically and cosmetically. These were owner operator, not rentals and were not used much.Ready to ship I also have in stock a 21mm and 135mm that you can either swap out or add to the set the 135mm price may differ. We can be flexible on the set. If you would like more pictures or information, please contact me Call/Text 917-499-9596 or email barbara@newprovideo.com
  2. Zeiss MK2 Standard Speed Set of 10 PL Mount 12,16,,20,24,28,32,40,50,60 &85mm ?? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ???? ????? ??? ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ???. ??? ??? ?????? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ?????? ??? 2022 ??? ?? ???? ???? ?????. ?????? ?????: You have the right to a 48 hour check out period from time of receipt to verify that equipment purchased has not been misrepresented in any way and to verify that it is in good working order. ??? ???? ??????????? ???? ?? ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???? 917-499-9596 ?? ????? ???????@???????????.??? Focal Length Aperture 12mm T2.1 16mm T2.1 20mm T2.1 24mm T2.1 28mm T2.1 32mm T2.1 40mm T2.1 50mm T2.1 60mm Macro T2.9
  3. For Sale Set of 8 Brand New Signature Primes Will ship in 7 to 10 days! Call or Text or WhatsApp 917-499-9596 Email barbara@newprovideo.com $162,000.00 PL Mount with Feet scales Focal Lengths ARRI Signature Prime 18/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 25/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 35/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 47/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 58/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 75/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 95/T1.8 F ARRI Signature Prime 125/T1.8 F
  4. For Sale A set of 5 Zeiss MK2 lenses the 18,25,50,85 and &100mm standard speed. This set will be ready in 3 weeks to ship. I am having them being cleaned and maintenance prior to shipping. The 25mm has 1 tiny dent however does not affect the optics. $54,000.00 If interested you can email me barbara@newprovide.com or call or text me at 917-499-9596.
  5. Fujinon PL mount 28-100mm Premista lens. This lens is in excellent condition, barely used and owner operator only. Asking $33,000. More pictures available upon request. Lens is located in the US, shipping available domestic & international. Buyer is given a 2 day check out period on all equipment. Check out the rest of our gear at Newprovideo.com
  6. For Sale Fujinon Premista 28-100mm T2.9 Large-FF Lens PL Mount Asking $32,000.00In good condition you will get an Inspection period to verify that it is a good working lens.You can call or text me at 917-499-9596 or email me barbara@newprovideo.com...Barbara Holler
  7. Fujinon 18-85mm (HK4.7X18-FA) T2.0 (21-100mm T2.4) Premier PL Zoom Lens 2 Lenses in 1 18-85mm & 21-100mm Lens can be configured between original 18-85mm and modified 21-100mm version by simply swapping the rear mount. Currently lens is set up as 21-100mm with back focus adjusted to zero and works with 16:9 Alexa MiniLF Open Gate. Lens features; 136mm front barrel diameter with 280° focus barrel rotation. Industry standard 0.8 pitch gears for Focus Iris and Zoom. Comes with Parts to return lens back to original 18-85mm configuration Rear Lens Adapter (original 18-85mm) Lens Support Post and Hardware Front & Rear Lens Cap Shipping Case
  8. Cooke Anamorphic 32,40,50,75,100 $125,000 carson.lori61@gmail.com
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